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“I'm walking in my purpose after reading T.D. Jakes' #INSTINCT! Read it and begin following your instincts today! http://thndr.it/1pzpDHf

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This campaign ended on May 06 at 9AM

On May 6, 2014, Let's Announce Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive to the World and Impact our Social Networks.

We want to make a statement that can't be ignored. We want people to stop existing and start living, to learn how to activate their instincts and walk in their purpose.

Whether you call it following your heart, a gut feeling, a hunch or intuition, some things you just know. You don’t even know how or why you know, you just do. INSTINCT, this inner knowledge bubbling up from a wellspring of wisdom within, not only helps you survive but can also help you thrive. 

Regardless of where you are in life, it’s time to align your actions with your instincts, the inner wisdom of who you really are and what you’re made to do. You’ve been divinely equipped with a fundamental drive to realize your life’s potential. Your destiny and purpose can only be realized by researching what lies within. More fulfilling than any accomplishment, it’s the sense of finding your place in life’s puzzle, contributing the unique gift that you and you alone can bring to the world.

Once you embrace this instinct, you will understand how you’re designed for destiny. You will realize why you were rejected in some places, grew bored in other roles, and why you’ve been haunted by the possibility that your elephant eludes you.

But for the world to take notice, we need to shout it loud, all at once.

Join the Bishop T.D. Jakes in helping to reach the world with 1 message by signing up to this Thunderclap.

And on May 6th, we will flood the world with our message.

How to Show Your Support
1. At the top of the page support via Twitter, Facebook, or both, and get the word out to your friends and followers to do the same.

2. Make your mark by reading the first chapter of Instinct and taking the Instinct Quiz and While it’s just for fun, this questionnaire will help you discover which animal you most resemble in your instinctive inclinations. Visit http://instinctthebook.com/ for more information.

3. Watch as everyone's messages are simultaneously shared around the world, along with a special Instinct Message by Bishop T.D. Jakes.


TD Jakes

If you’re ready to unlock the confines of where you are to discover the freedom of where you were meant to be, then INSTINCT is your key!

T.D. Jakes
CEO of TDJ Enterprises

T.D. Jakes is a master communicator, philanthropist and multidimensional business leader. As CEO of TDJ Enterprises, he has more than 30 books in print; to date his films have grossed nearly $100 million at the box office, and an international speaking platform that has galvanized crowds of 800,000. As a thought leader he has commanded stages from the Aspen Institute to SMU to the Peter Drucker CEO Forum. As CEO and founder of the T.D. Jakes School of Leadership, he provides career development tools to business leaders.

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