It's Bi Visibility Day 2015!

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“Happy #BiVisibilityDay twitter-friends! Raise the #BiPride flag & click to learn more: http://thndr.it/1DODR9C

BiVisibilityDay 2015
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This campaign ended on September 23 at 9AM

Bi Visibility Day, also known by other names like Bi Pride Day and International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, has been marked on September 23rd every year since 1999.

The last few years it's really started to take off and more and more LGBT and mainstream organisations have been getting involved. Please help us give Bi VIsibility Day 2015 a kick-start on Twitter, with a big splash of tweets in the morning!  The #BiPride tag will help people find other bi events and resources around the world.

If we get at least 100 people to join in, this Thunderclap tweet will go out at 9.30am, London time (which will be GMT+1), on September 23rd.

For Bi Visibility Day 2013 we notched up 147 twitter supporters on our thunderclap tweet, who gave us a Social Reach of 96,355 People - fantastic and thank you everyone who joined in. That day included the first ever meeting on bi issues at the White House in the USA and for the first time a ministerial message of support in the UK, alongside LOADS of local events big and small and bi flags flying around the world. 

A year later in 2014 it was even bigger - two thunderclaps, one timed for Europe and one for the Americas, with a combined social reach of about 750,000.  There were events in more places than ever before - with countries like Russia, Serbia and Croatia being added to our event guide for the first time.

Please join in and help make an even bigger splash on Bi Visibility Day 2015!

We have a second tweet timed for people in the Americas here. Nothing stopping you from signing up to both!


Delighted to report both tweets now have over 100 signups so both are going ahead. THANK YOU!  Do keep sharing them though, this thing could still be bigger with more people joining in.

UPDATE - September 14th

There are over 40 events in more than 10 countries that we know about so far.  Keep sending in more events info though! To www.bivisibilityday.com



BiVisibilityDay 2015

Bi Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day or Bi Pride, has been marked on 23 September each year since 1999.

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