Gaza's 1st Debate Leaders

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“Support Gaza's 1st Debate Leaders to get to the states! #GazaDebates #Crowdfunding http://thndr.me/CYWuHK

Heba & Basel
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Gaza's 1st Debate Leaders

First, what do we need this money for?

The programs you'll be reading about now are covering
 part of the expenses we need in order for us to attend them. But we still need to pay for:
1- Our travel tickets to the USA (round trip)
2- Our pocket money 
3- Visa Fees
4- Transportations to Jersualem for our Visa inveriew (round trip)
4- Transportations to get to Jordan (round trip)
5- Food expenses for Basel (45 days)
6- Transportations inside the USA


We are Heba and Basel, best friends and founders of the first debate club in Gaza and we are sharing a crowdfunding campaign together in order for us to travel to the USA the upcoming months. Three years ago, we decided to join Diwan Ghazza reading club where we were inspired to start a debate training there. In one of the post-reading activities, we introduced this art to our friends by performing a debate between us. For us, freedom of expression holds particular significance in the establishment and development of our society, so we worked continuously without any logistic or financial support to create a team which is able to debate both in Arabic and English. Since then, many public and private debates were held on many pressing issues around the world. We were both elected to travel to Qatar and attend the National Debating Competition, but we couldn't make it due to the borders closure. We worked together on many things but never stopped counting; TedxShujaiya event was one of them, along with initiating a debate club for children between 12-15 in Qattan Centre. We also joined Gaza Sky Geeks family in different roles, and recently volunteered to organize and moderate a debate in Hosting Davos event in Gaza. We are dreamers, reading addicts and music geeks, and we love what we are doing. One of the greatest things we share is our belief that things in life are never black or white, neither ying or yang. The truth is, there are many great possibilities and colours in life when you have the right vision!

Help us improving our work by supporting us covering our final expenses for Heba to attend AMENDS conference in Stanford University, CA as a representative of the debate club and for Basel to attend the Global Village program in Lehigh University, PA.

Any kind of help is a great push forward and a generous call from you for us to keep it up!


Heba & Basel

We are Heba & Basel, co-founders of the first debate club in Gaza and we are starting a ThunderClap to spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/DebateLeaders

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