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“We’re here for people seeking asylum-For their rights,dignity & fair treatment. We won’t be silent. Today & Everyday http://thndr.me/4eQeJn

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About the Campaign

Do you want to show our government that Australians want a better way for people seeking asylum? The #IamWithYou campaign is a channel between you and policy makers, where you can show the government your support for people seeking asylum by adding your voice to the rising tide of people asking for change.

For years and years, people across Australia have known that our successive government’s policies are unfair to those the people who come to us seeking protection. We’ve asked for change over and over again, and we haven’t got it.

So why do our policies continue to be unfair to people who seek our protection?

It is because the policy makers believe that we, the people asking for the change only represent a small section of Australian society.

We think it’s time to show them they’re wrong.

Why is your support important now?

Early this year after the High Court’s decision to send 267 men, women and children back into danger on Nauru, people all across the country came together to say #LetThemStay. We said it loud, and policymakers listened, proving that when we speak together, we can make change happen. And that’s not all; a March poll of key marginal seats found the majority of people polled wanted an end to offshore detention. Not only is the government listening, we’re also bringing people with us, and in the lead up to this year’s election, that means everything. That’s why there’s never been a better time to come together, across the nation, and ask for change.

We need your support now

How are we going to use your messages of support?

We’re gathering your messages of support to show policymakers, to prove that it’s time to find a better way. This World Refugee Day and in the lead up to the federal election, we’re going to flood social media with messages of support for people’s right to safety. But we’re not going to stop there. As the groundswell grows, this website will become a testament to the fact that it’s time for change, and we’re not going away until we get it.

This campaign is being conducted by Friends of Refugees, in coalition with advocacy groups and community organisations around Australia. Our members/volunteers have many decades of experience working in the refugee sector and we know that the majority of Australians are a generous, welcoming people when it comes to refugees and people seeking asylum. Yet we are constantly hearing otherwise from our policymakers. The #IamWithYou initiative is our way of letting the world know we welcome asylum-seekers and refugees to what our national anthem describes as ‘our land of boundless plains to share’ for those ‘who’ve come across the sea’.

Let us stand together in saying #iamwithyou for people who come seeking protection to Australia.

The full list of organisations who have supported this campaign can be found on our supporters page. If an organisation you represent would like to be added to this list, or if you have any enquiries, please contact us. If you would like to Get Involved with this campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are in Melbourne, please join us for the Refugee & Asylum Seeker Recognition Awards ceremony. http://friendsofrefugees.org.au/refugee-week


Friends of Refugees

Friends of Refugees (FOR) was formed in early 2013, emerging as a practical response to address the needs of the huge number of asylum seekers released from detention centres to live in the Australian community, without much support put in place. Asylum seekers are one of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Australia. Asylum seekers in Australia have no guaranteed right to income, healthcare or settlement services. FOR grew out of providing material aid to new arrivals and quickly adapted to meet other emerging needs. We support asylum seekers and refugees in our local community by providing quality donated items, support services and community engagement. FOR supports asylum seekers and refugees both in detention and in the community. FOR is a volunteer run charity and is able to operate by the generous donations of concerned and compassionate Australians who contribute to our work.

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