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“One veteran can make a difference, but a ‘Legion' working together is a force to be reckoned with. #JointheForce http://thndr.me/f0htDC

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As veterans we all share something in common —

A desire to serve our country.

Service is at the core of who we are, but sometimes it’s a challenge to find a place that gives us the same sense of accomplishment or mission that we had while wearing the uniform.

For generations, and in communities all across the United States…

The American Legion has provided the opportunity for our men and women to serve, side-by-side with all generations of veterans – each voice providing a unique perspective. Every day the work of Legionnaires is benefiting our local communities, the youth of America and citizens in the cities and towns where we live and work. We are making sure that values like patriotism, honor and remembrance remain a part of the fabric of our society.

We make sure no veteran is left behind.

By providing assistance with benefits claims, career and education support, temporary and emergency financial assistance and help for the wounded, ill and injured, together we are able to meet almost any need so that our veterans have the benefits they earned for serving our great nation.

Advocacy by veterans for veterans….

The American Legion’s advocacy efforts are executed at the community, state and national levels. This is where working as a team and speaking with one authoritative and educated voice is essential. We must ensure that the issues important to veterans are top priorities for our government leaders.

Our voice is strong, but it can be stronger.

We are making an impact, but we can always do more.

The only way to make meaningful differences for individuals, communities and our nation is to work together.

Make your pledge!

  • If you’re a member of The American Legion, pledge to sign up at least one new veteran by Dec. 31, 2016! Your effort will make our organization stronger.
  • If you’re not a member but love the values of The American Legion, use the hashtag  - #JointheForce. Lend your time, talent and energy and make The American Legion the strongest voice for today’s veteran.

Join The American Legion TODAY!

Visit Legion.org/Join


The American Legion

The American Legion has advocated for and supported the nation's veterans, the military & their families since 1919. Join our efforts: http://www.legion.org/join.

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