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“It's #WorldMilkDay!! Together we raise a glass to celebrate the benefits of milk for our lives http://thndr.me/bwr1qA

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Dear Supporters,

The UN declared in 2001 World Milk Day to take place every June 1, because Milk is so important for healthy nutrition.

We are calling on everybody to RAISE A GLASS and drink MILK on June 1 to celebrate the benefits of milk for our lives.


Milk is key to nutrition and health

Milk and dairy products are nutrient-dense foods supplying energy and significant amounts of protein and micronutrients, which are essential to reduce hunger and malnutrition particularly amongst the most vulnerable (e.g. pregnant women and children).

At a global level, milk contributes on average 134 kcal of energy/capita per day, 8.3 g of protein/capita per day and 7.6 g of fat/capita, or 5%, 10% and 9% to the global supply of energy, protein and fat respectively. It is the fifth largest provider of energy and the third largest provider of protein and fat for human beings.

Milk is fundamental for kid's growth

In addition to providing children with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep kids healthy, milk is especially important to help build and maintain strong bones. 

Milk is usually considered a key part of a healthy diet for kids, as it provides those children with a good source of:

  • calcium
  • vitamin A
  • protein
  • vitamin B12
  • potassium
  • vitamin D (in markets where milk is fortified)

Milk is an affordable source of excellent nutrition

Dairy products are a source of affordable nutrition to meet the recommended level. For example in the US, at about $0.23 per 100 kcal, milk and milk products cost less per kcal than meat, poultry and fish ($0.41 per kcal), fruit and vegetables; similar to eggs, sugars, sweets and other beverages; and scarcely more expensive than grains, dry beans, legumes and nuts.There is good evidence that milk and other dairy products are necessary for preventing micronutrient deficiency in vulnerable population groups (women, elderly, children -particularly in the first 1000 days).

Milk is a vital contributor to nutritional security and a more sustainable global food system

Sustainable production, processing and consumption of milk and dairy products can do much good for people and the planet, and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Milk is one of the most produced and valuable agricultural commodities worldwide. Milk is a local commodity. It is produced and consumed in basically all world’s countries and, in most of them. Milk production supports women empowerment. Livestock are possibly the most popular asset among rural women in developing countries as animals are more easily acquired than land and other physical and financial assets. Over 37 million of dairy farms are female-headed. Women play a major role in dairy production systems: breeding, feeding, milking, cleaning the animals; composting manure and selling the milk.

Register your World Milk Day event

World Milk Day aims to celebrate the important contributions of the dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition. You may select one of those four themes to register your event.

To register your event, download the events toolkit or know more: http://www.worldmilkday2017.com/

Make June 1st an important day next year and every year, more information to come soon!

About the Global Dairy Platform:

The Global Dairy Platform leads the development of a collaborative, unified approach on common industry issues

and innovative research on dairy’s vital contribution towards nutritional security and a more sustainable global food system.

Our membership of CEOs, executives and researchers from corporations, communication and scientific bodies work in partnership to align and support the dairy industry in the promotion of sustainable dairy nutrition.

Learn more: http://www.worldmilkday2017.com/


Global Dairy Platform

The Global Dairy Platform leads the development of a collaborative, unified approach on common industry issues and the nurturing of innovative research so that consumers value milk and dairy products as naturally nutritious, enjoyable and an essential part of a healthy diet.

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