Armed with Wings is on Steam!

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“Strike your foes with thunder and steel. #indiegame Armed with Wings: Rearmed Steam exits early access! http://thndr.me/LtRNxD

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This campaign ended on June 02 at 9PM

Developing a game challenging... I've been working on this game part-time for 4 years - every spare hour has been spent on the computer. In truth, I had help and support from the Early Access community of loyal fans and testers. Thanks to them, Rearmed is now ready for it's Full Release on Steam.

Now I face an even greater challenge - exposing this product to the world. That is why I've created this thunderclap campaign! I invite you to support the release of Armed with Wings on Steam.

  • Armed with Wings: Rearmed is out now on Steam!

    June 1, 2017
    Solo indie developer’s sidescroller exits early access after 2 years.
    I’m excited to announce that Armed with Wings: Rearmed version 1.0 is now available on Steam! The stylish, black and white platformer exits early access after 2 years of beta. As the sole developer of Armed with Wings, I’m incredibly satisfied to have served players continually through early access.

    A very special thanks to all the players and community members for contributing incredible feedback. Without question, these players have directly influenced the outcome of this game for the better.

    Armed with Wings: Rearmed on Steam

    Now is time to strengthen the launch. I'm doing what I can from my end, please share this Thunderclap with your friends on social media. Let it thunder loudly!

Daniel Sun

Australian Games Developer/Animator from Melbourne and founder of Sun-Studios.net. I develop 2D action games with stellar aesthetics.

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