One month without our Secret

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“1 month gone & Secret is still out there, please join her group & support in anyway you can https://www.facebook.com/groups/753724534795426/ http://thndr.me/Tvse1b

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One month without our Secret

One month gone and Secret is still out there - It is totally and utterly heartbreaking.

Our ground team are out day and night everyday and we do feel positive about getting her home but the area is just a huge mass of fields, forests and crops and it is proving to be a very long and hard job and at times the team have experienced emotions beyond belief. A complete rollercoaster and one the owner and the team want to end soon with a VERY POSITIVE outcome. 

Secret is a 12.5 year old female cocker spaniel that has been missing since 7.30am on 13/8/17 after vanishing on a walk in Buttercrambe, YO41 area.


She was wearing a collar with a bell on it but this may have now come off.

Microchipped and Spayed.

She is an elderly dog but is also still very active.

There is a £1,000 REWARD for her safe return or information leading to her safe return.


Michelle Orchard

Group Admin - Very Urgent - Please help us find Secret

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