Signal vs. Noise

Jun 21

“There is a power that can be created out of pent-up indignation, courage, and the inspiration of a common cause, and that if enough people put their minds and bodies into that cause, they can win. It is a phenomenon recorded again and again in the history of popular movements against injustice all over the world.” — Howard Zinn, You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times

Jun 19


Today, India and China abandon or kill more girls than are actually born in the US. Its called Gendercide and its very real.

I find it hard to believe this type of atrocity can occur in modern society. It’s utterly appalling.
…and yet, I don’t speak out.

How exactly would I speak out and if I did?
Would it actually make a difference?

During the SOPA/PIPA debate, thousands of people rallied on social media to show their disapproval of a controversial bill. The activity surrounding it was all very public and you couldn’t help but notice all the chatter.

People posted on facebook and twitter, added a STOP SOPA banner to their profile picture, and some even aimed a Robo Calling cannon at Congress, tying up their phone lines with messages to stop SOPA.

It was a punk rock moment for the internet as people took action, together.

I’m not an activist type of guy and yet I  found myself jumping on this bandwagon, sent some tweets and even changed my profile picture. And yet for most issues. I do nothing.

Thunderclap was born out of the idea that people are more likely to speak out when they stand together.

And through crowdspeaking, they will be heard.

Dave Cascino / @davidcascino