6 Apps For Giving Back, Right From Your Phone

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By Patrick Charuza at Fueled.com

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that he was giving away his fortune, worth approximately $400 million, to charity. Warren Buffett urges the world’s wealthiest to take The Giving Pledge. Committing to the pledge requires individuals or families to donate at least half of their fortunes to charity. There are at least 120 people and families who have publicly made the pledge.

While you may not be able to give at the same level of the world’s wealthiest people, there are plenty of affordable and easy ways to give back. Using smartphone apps to fulfill your philanthropic urge is easier than you thought. Here are some of the best apps that make giving back effortless.

Credit: Jon Fingas

One Today

Google developed the One Today to make users aware of various charities around the world and solicit donations on their behalf. Every day a different charity orcause is highlighted and users are encouraged to make micro-donations. The app is available on Google Play and iTunes.


Kiva is a non-profit organization which uses microloans to help people in developing countries. The process is simple. The user chooses the person to receive a microloan, the loan is made, and is then paid back over time. Available only on iTunes.

Be My Eyes

This app links the blind who need assistance to sighted people willing to help. When a blind person needs support, they request help via the app and a sighted user receives the call.  A video connection is established and the volunteer can answer the blind user’s questions. Simple yet revolutionary, this app has attracted 211,636 sighted volunteers to assist 18,395 blind users. Available only on iTunes.

Charity Miles

This app is perfect for fitness lovers.  With Charity Miles, users can support a charity of their choice while they walk, bike or run. Simply download the app, choose a charity and get moving. The app keeps track of your distance and dollars earned.  Bikers earn 10 cents per mile while runners and walkers earn 25 cents a mile. Available on Google Play and iTunes.

I Can Go Without

It’s easy to make micro-donations through this app. Users are shown how the cost of small indulgences like a cup of coffee or a pint of beer can be used to help others. It asks if they can go without a bottle of wine or a latte and instead donate the costs of these items to a trusted charity. Available only on iTunes.

Donate a Photo

When a user shares a picture through this app, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1.00 to a charity of their choice. Users can share one photo a day. All donated photos will appear on Johnson & Johnson’s website. Available on Google Play and iTunes.

The ingenuity of developers who have incorporated volunteerism and charity into intuitive apps for the masses is quite impressive. Finding a volunteer or charity app that best suits your lifestyle has never been easier or more fun.

What does water mean to you?

If you think about it, water links to almost everything in the world.Health. Nature. Urbanization. Industry. Energy. Food. Equality. 

Join the United Nations in celebrating World Water Day on March 22 and tell the world what #WaterIs to you!  

Support the campaign here.

A Thunderous Thanksgiving (and beyond!)

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we’re highlighting a few campaigns that celebrate the spirit of the holiday, plus a few to help you give back and get involved in your community after Thanksgiving is over. 

1. National Family Health History Day

Each year since 2004, the Surgeon General has declared Thanksgiving to be National Family Health History Day. While you’re gathered with your relatives this year, have a discussion about he health problems that run in the family, and create a plan to stay aware and keep your health in check. Learning about your family health history could save your life. 

Join here.

2. End Youth Homelessness

Between1.6 and 2.8 million youth run away in a year. This Thanksgiving, the National Runaway Safeline is encouraging people nationwide to speak up for youth in crisis and promote the resources available to young people that need help. 

Join here. 

3. #KnowYourSource

When Thanksgiving comes to a close, gear up for Cyber Monday and make a socially conscious choice when you’re shopping online. Zady is calling for brands to expose every level of their supply chain in an effort to provide consumers with an unprecedented element of trust and confidence in their clothing. Be part of a petition to bring a “sourced in” tag to all clothing so consumers can make more informed choices about their apparel.

Join here.

4. No Kid Hungry’s #GivingTuesday

No Kid Hungry is devoted to making sure that every child gets the healthy food they need to succeed. $1 can connect a hungry kid with up to 10 meals. This Giving Tuesday (December 2, just after Thanksgiving), consider supporting this initiative to end child hunger.

Join here.


We all deserve to know where our clothing comes from.

Zady is leading the charge to bring supply chain transparency to the industry.

The company is promoting a petition to make it happen.

“This petition is to create a new standard that would require apparel brands to label all goods sold in the U.S. with Sourced In, disclosing the country of origins of the entire supply chain. In this way if a product is labeled Sourced in the U.S., the American consumer can feel confident that a product is in fact entirely made domestically.”

Join the Thunderclap to spread the word and #KnowYourSource.


A very special birthday

There’s a very special birthday on Friday, and you can help celebrate. 
On September 12, 2014, AmeriCorps turns 20! Did you know that since 1994, more than 900,000 men and women have served through AmeriCorps and contributed over 1.2 billion hours of service?
It’s easy for you to join them in sending a birthday message. Check out the Thunderclap page and pledge a Tweet, Facebook post, or Tumblr post. Then, on September 12, you’ll join supporters like President Barack Obama, The Peace Corps, and The Clinton Foundation as they wish AmeriCorps a happy 20th birthday. 
Don’t miss it! Join the party here.

We’re honored to help the National September 11 Memorial & Museum commemorate the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Join the Thunderclap campaign to play a part in remembering the victims and take a day to remember the day that changed us forever. 

Join the AmeriCorps Thunderclap!


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Help us spread the word about our 20th anniversary

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Bring 100K people clean water

charity: water is back and is launching an incredible September Campaign this Monday, August 18

The goal? Raise $4 million to bring 100,000 people in the Sahel desert region clean, safe drinking water.

Want to be the first to see and share their new video to announce the kickoff? Join the Thunderclap campaign  and pledge a Tweet, Facebook post, or Tumblr post to be part of the big day. 

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