Thunderclap + Tumblr: A New Way To Make Your Voice Heard

In just one year, you’ve created over 3,000 world-shaking, community-building Thunderclap campaigns. You’ve rallied over 470,000 passionate supporters on Facebook and Twitter, and used the power of synchronized social media to make a tremendous impact.

Now, we’re launching a major new way for you and your supporters to make your voices heard.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve officially integrated Tumblr support into our platform. You’ll notice a new button on every campaign page.


Why Tumblr?

There’s a common thread that runs through the Tumblr and Thunderclap communities: passion. On Tumblr, artists, designers, writers, photographers, and other creatives use the platform to share the work they care about with the world. In a similar fashion, Thunderclap is the place for people to vocalize their support for the causes that matter to them.

We also took a look at the numbers. We saw that people were flocking to Tumblr to post, share, and comment on posts they cared about. In fact, the site hosts 90 million blogs with 89 million new posts every day.

Now that we’ve added Tumblr integration, we want to share some suggestions on how to best leverage this new feature. Campaign creators can now design their Thunderclaps with Tumblr’s image-driven platform in mind creating even more engaging campaigns.

What works on Tumblr?

Think visually. Compelling images with some text describing your cause or call to action work well. If your campaign image can stand alone without any accompanying text or explanation, it’s Tumblr-ready. image

If your image is eye-catching enough, people unfamiliar with your cause may even be inclined to share it, simply because they like how it looks.


If your campaign is focused on a shocking statistic (i.e. “#1in26 will develop epilepsy”) include that in your image.


We’re with you.

As we’ve taken the past few months to explore Tumblr, we’ve started to transform our own Tumblr from a traditional blog to a more dynamic Tumblr blog. In addition to company update posts like this one, we’ll be sharing and reblogging photos and articles from some of our favorite accounts. Give us a follow; we’d love to check out your Tumblr too.

Join us in embracing Tumblr as a platform for spreading messages that matter.

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