Pling us! We’re listening.

Thunderclap is all about saying something big. It’s your way to speak and make sure the world hears your message loud and clear.

But let’s shift gears for a moment. Sure, Thunderclap helps you speak. But for a crowdspeaking platform, we actually really love listening.

We love listening to you, our campaign organizers and supporters, over email, Twitter, and Facebook. Whether we’re working with you to brainstorm promotional tactics for your campaign, solving a technical issue, or just responding to feedback, we love hearing how you’re using our platform in awesome ways.

We’re excited to introduce a new way for us to listen to you: the Pling button.

A little backstory on Pling: Like us, Pling was born at DE-DE in New York City. It launched in March 2013 and is designed to help individuals and groups communicate quickly and naturally, combining the brevity of a text message with the personality of voice.

Pling is available for OSX and iOS, but we liked it so much, we added it to our site. It’s a more personal way for us to interact with you.

You’ll see the button in the bottom right corner of our contact page. Simply click and hold the button to speak and release the button to send us your message. Ask a question, share some feedback, or just say hi.

Give it a shot! We’re all ears.

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