An Update You Can’t Miss

If you’ve ever organized a Thunderclap, you know the exhilarating feeling you get when you meet your goal number of supporters or when your campaign finally launches to create a wave of attention. The only thing better than that? The offline action that occurs as a result of your campaign.

We know that feeling too, so we wanted to provide our organizers and supporters with a better way to celebrate Thunderclap campaign milestones together.

Introducing Updates.

As a campaign organizer, you now have the ability to create updates on your campaign’s progress and share them with your supporters to keep them excited and engaged.

You’ll notice a new tab on your campaign page next to your Story section.

Click “Create new Update” to send a message to your supporters.

This might be some news about your organization, a quick message to encourage your supporters to keep promoting your Thunderclap, or just a simple note to say thanks for backing your campaign.

Make it your own! Upload an eye-catching image and craft a message that’s authentic and resonates with your audience. Think of your Update as a chance to motivate your current supporters and encourage new ones to join.

Experiment with Updates, and let us know what’s working well for you so we can share your tips with the Thunderclap community. Drop us a line at or @ThunderclapIt any time.

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