A New Way to Communicate

One of Thunderclap’s chief goals is to allow campaign organizers to rally their friends around an important message, cause, or product. Our organizers work hard to generate tons of buzz and launch campaigns that never cease to surprise us with their creativity.

Of course, we always advise campaign organizers to promote their Thunderclaps regularly on social media, email, and through word of mouth leading up to the launch date. (If you’re getting a little sick of seeing tweets from an organizer about their Thunderclap, it probably means they’re doing a good job promoting it!)

But we wanted to give organizers an even more direct way to get in touch with their supporters. Now, supporters can follow any campaign organizer simply by clicking a button.

Anytime an organizer posts a campaign update, all of his or her followers will receive an email. In fact, they’ll receive an entire daily email digest of updates from all of the organizers they follow.

Are you an organizer wondering how you can make the most of this new tool, or supporter wondering what the heck is going to show up in your inbox? Here are the details:

1. Post regular updates about campaign progress. Did you increase your supporter goal? Are you halfway to your goal? Send out an update to get let your supporters know so they can bring their friends on board.

2. Share some news. Are you using your Thunderclap to promote an event? If you’ve secured a special guest, changed venues, added a sponsor, or made any developments, post an update to keep your supporters informed.

3. Ask for help. Provide simple, quantified actions for your supporters that will have a visible impact. For example, ask your supporters to personally tweet at or email five friends and share the link to your campaign page. Encourage them to share what your campaign means to them, and invite their friends to lend their support. This is an effective way to increase your numbers, and if you go about it in a respectful way, it won’t seem spammy or disingenuous.

4. Just say thanks. This one’s easy and often overlooked. Posting an update to thank your supporters for their interest and help in spreading the word is an simple and meaningful gesture. Plus, your supporters will be excited to see your thoughtful message in their inboxes.

Check out these examples from the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR),  Voter Participation Center, and the I Am Happy Project for inspiration.

And stay tuned. We’ve got some cool stuff to make it easier for organizers and supporters to stay in touch coming down the pipeline.

Have you used updates as an organizer? Have you received an email digest as a supporter? Share your thoughts or tips with the Thunderclap community. Leave a comment on this post or send a tweet to @ThunderclapIt.

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