How a Company Used Thunderclap to Open Doors to Open Source

The team at Macecraft Software, including Mihai Bărbulescu and Jouni Flemming, wants to take jv16 PowerTools to the next level as free, open source software. But first, they need to raise funds to make it happen. Here’s a look at how they’re doing it. 

What’s jv16 PowerTools? It’s a full utility suite of 33 different tools to help keep Windows running smoother and faster. As Mihai explained, “You need oil to keep a car engine running. You need jv16 PowerTools to keep Windows running.”

The team launched a Thunderclap campaign that achieved incredible results: over 1,200 supporters and a social reach of over 950,000 people. Mihai emphasized that the power of a “cumulative user voice” made the difference.

He said that the team’s Thunderclap helped them “leverage the power of social media in a way that was never done before for this type of marketing initiative: converting an already established, commercial Windows software to a free, open source project.”

Why did Mihai and his team decide that open source was the way to go? For starters, open source means that the software is free for personal and commercial use. The source code – the “blueprint” of how the software is built – is also made public. 

“You do not have to be a developer or coder in order to use open source software or to benefit from it,” Mihai said. “In fact, you are using open source software right now. If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to read this page, you are using open source.”

The team is turning to crowdfunding to help make the project a reality. Based on the team’s experience thus far, Mihai advises other organizers considering crowdfunding to “look to their tribe and ask them to join the movement before expecting any other people to support their cause” and build momentum from there. 

Mihai and his team are well on their way to success. With their crowdfunding campaign in full swing, they’ll release jv16 PowerTools as free, open source software. They’re considering extending the campaign to reach an even higher goal, which would allow both personal and commercial use of their product. “This will enable businesses around the world to use parts of our product in order to improve their own software or build new projects,” he said.

Interested in helping the Macecraft team reach their goal?

Check out the crowdfunding campaign:
(They’re now accepting cryptocurrencies! Details here.)

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