Aliza Licht

How DKNY PR Girl Organized Thunderclap's Biggest Book Launch Ever

Aliza Licht has many roles. She's the senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan International. She's the smart, witty voice behind the massively popular "DKNY PR GIRL" (@dkny) social media personality. She's an expert on the fashion and public relations industries.

And now, she's an author.

Aliza's first book, "Leave Your Mark," is a mentorship, packed with practical tips and tactics for building a personal brand, taking charge of your career, and mastering social media. She brings the reader along on her professional journey, adding in actionable insights along the way.

Naturally, the book was generating plenty of buzz among her followers and fellow influencers. She sought a way to organize her network to make a huge splash on the book's release date.

Aliza created a Thunderclap campaign as a place to gather her supporters and pool their individual messages praising her book. She expertly promoted her campaign through her Twitter account, reaching out to her followers individually and encouraging them to support it.

Her personal touch to campaign promotion paid off, as more than 250 supporters joined the Thunderclap, including fashion journalist and Marie Claire creative director Nina Garcia, actress Emmy Rossum, and popular fashion blogger Bryanboy.

Aliza's campaign amassed a social reach of 8.4 million people and her message flooded social media feeds on her book's on-sale date. The momentum and support surrounding the book's launch made "Leave Your Mark" the #1 New Release on Amazon's Job Hunting/Career Guides list. According to Aliza:

“Thunderclap makes going viral possible by leveraging your network to support and amplify your cause at the exact moment you want your message shared. The result? A thunderous virtual standing ovation.”

Aliza's thorough, strategic approach to publicizing her campaign ensured that she and her supporters left their mark and made her book stand out.



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