How 51 Million People Celebrated AmeriCorps' 20th Birthday

AmeriCorps turned 20 this year, and Thunderclap helped the program throw a birthday party like never before. With more than 4,200 supporters, the celebration was one to remember.

The only gift supporters had to bring to the party was their social reach. AmeriCorps emphasized that the goal of the campaign was to get people talking about the 20th anniversary and thank the 900,000 men and women that have served since the program was founded in 1994.

The AmeriCorps team reached out to public figures, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and its community of members and supporters to spread the word about the Thunderclap campaign. Social media promotion and email blasts played a role in recruiting nearly 4,300 people to share the Thunderclap message.

On September 12, #AmeriCorps20 became a trending topic as thousands of people, like President Barack Obama, Chelsea Clinton, and the Peace Corps, took to social media to send their well wishes and thank AmeriCorps members for their service. With a social reach of more than 51 million, the campaign is among the most successful Thunderclap campaigns of all time.



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