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How Mozilla Mastered the Product Launch

Mozilla was preparing to debut its new prodcut, Firefox OS, and wanted users to help generate excitement and demand.

Firefox OS is the first Web-based operating system for smartphones, and it’s built entirely using open standards. Mozilla aimed to spread the word to its highly diverse and widespread audience.

To accomplish this, Mozilla provided localization services to Thunderclap and became the first organizer to use the platform in languages other than English. As a result, the campaign was able to secure support from Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish speakers.

Thunderclap was the cornerstone of Mozilla’s word of mouth promotion, encouraging users to personally spread the message and tell their friends to do the same. Mozilla complimented its Thunderclap campaign with community and owned media strategies, which included featuring a link to the campaign on the Firefox homepage.

Mozilla became the first-ever organization to promote a technology product through Thunderclap, and the first to run four campaigns in parallel, each in a different language. On launch day, Firefox OS held 17.6 percent conversation share about technology on social networks.

“Join me in celebrating #FirefoxOS, a new mobile operating system. Powered by the Web. Made by a non-profit.”

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