Dave Hakkens

How One Inventor Launched the Largest Thunderclap of All Time

Dutch designer Dave Hakkens was frustrated with smartphones that didn’t last, or were rendered useless because a single part broke. To solve the problem, he developed Phonebloks. It’s a new kind of smartphone that consists of detachable blocks, allowing the user to easily replace parts if they break.

Dave wanted to spread the word about his idea to see if consumers were interested, so he created a Thunderclap campaign and linked to his campaign page on the official Phonebloks site.

As it turns out, people were more than just a little interested. They went wild over the campaign, and within 24 hours, Dave’s campaign had over 100,000 supporters. By the end of the campaign, Dave amassed nearly a million supporters.

“I started this project with the goal to gather a lot of people....I think Thunderclap significantly helped the project to reach more people. It made everyone enthusiastic to be a part of one huge movement.”

On the date of the big Thunderclap launch, even more exciting news was announced: Dave was going to partner with Motorola to bring a modular phone project to life. With Motorola’s technology and the community Dave united through Thunderclap, there was a perfect match and incredible potential.

Because Dave’s passion for his product was clearly contagious, he was able to rally thousands of people and organize the largest Thunderclap to date.

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