Rallying Music Lovers to Create the Ultimate Fan Experience

The Trillectro Music Festival wanted to do what no other festival had done before: give their fans the power to announce the concert lineup.

Trillectro, a hip-hop festival in Washington, D.C., used Thunderclap to let fans take control and be part of a shared experience of announcing the 2013 lineup.

The festival organizers’ idea paid off. Their Thunderclap campaign exceeded its supporter goal by 32 percent, and on July 19, 2013, the message containing the full lineup was shared from every supporter’s account.

Not only did the campaign reach over 5 million people, but the festival’s special guest, rapper Wale, supported the campaign and joined the fans in sharing the lineup. #Trillectro even trended on Twitter in Washington D.C. shortly after the Thunderclap launch.

Jason Mowatt, a strategist for the festival, coordinated the Thunderclap campaign and found value in the platform's ability to rally an engaged audience.

“In one fell swoop, we were able to create buzz about our event, maximize our social reach, and engage our community of loyal supporters. For event organizers, Thunderclap takes word of mouth marketing to the next level.”

The Trillectro organizers used Thunderclap to control the timing of the message by having their fans share the message a month before the festival, and they leveraged the power of crowdspeaking for some news that fans would actually want to rally around and share.



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Thunderous Supporters
Thunderous Supporters