Harnessing the Power of the Internet to Amplify a Message for Justice

V-Day’s One Billion Rising for Justice campaign aims to empower the world to demand an end to injustice and violence against women and girls.

To spread this message, V-Day created a Thunderclap campaign to support the international One Billion Rising for Justice efforts happening on February 14.

On launch day, over 1,200 Thunderclap supporters rose for justice and amplified V-Day’s message to reach over 13.5 million people. Celebrities like Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron joined brands and organizations such as MTV, Oxfam International, Half the Sky Movement, and the UK Department for International Development in backing the Thunderclap.

The Thunderclap campaign helped propel the #1billionrising and #riseforjustice hashtags to Facebook trending topics in the UK and South Africa, where other V-Day efforts were focused.

Thunderclap provided a low-friction way for supporters to take action to spread awareness, and allowed V-Day to synchronize social media efforts around a specific day and time.



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Thunderous Supporters
Thunderous Supporters