Bringing the Thunder

Thunderclap messages have reached over
3.5 billion people in 238 countries and territories.

It's the world's first crowdspeaking platform, and over
3 million people
have donated their social reach for
ideas and causes that matter.

Learn how these campaigns turned inspiration into impact:

Aliza Licht

How DKNY PR Girl Organized Thunderclap's Biggest Book Launch Ever

Campaign: LEAVE YOUR MARK by Aliza Licht
Social Reach: 8,473,146

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Tim Ferriss

How Tim Ferriss Reached Millions for a TV Series Launch

Campaign: Tim Ferriss TV Launch! #TFX
Social Reach: 7,174,727

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How 51 Million People Celebrated AmeriCorps' 20th Birthday

Campaign: Happy Birthday AmeriCorps!
Social Reach: 51,996,154

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How L’Oréal & MRA Kicked Off a Summer of Safe Sun

Campaign: It's THAT Worth It
Social Reach: 7,118,029

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Dave Hakkens & Phonebloks

How One Inventor Launched the Largest Thunderclap of All Time

Campaign: Phonebloks
Social Reach: 381,762,861

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Trillectro Music Festival

Rallying Music Lovers to Create the Ultimate Fan Experience

Campaign: Final Trillectro 2013 Lineup!
Social Reach: 5,152,855

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How a Small Team Reached Millions to Recruit STEM Teachers

Campaign: America Needs STEM Teachers
Social Reach: 12,957,788

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Planned Parenthood

Turning the Internet Pink

Campaign: PinkOut for Planned Parenthood
Social Reach: 7,815,372

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More Success Stories

The March for Innovation
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World Humanitarian Day
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Univision & Jenni Rivera
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The White House
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The partnership was groundbreaking. Thunderclap earned Mozilla the opportunity to generate excitement about Firefox OS through word of mouth in a way that empowered supporters to take action and share our story.

-Michaela Thayer, Digital Strategist, Mozilla

Organizations big and small use Thunderclap to spread their message

Just a fraction of our thunderous supporters


34.7 million
social reach

Barack Obama

42.3 million
social reach

Sir Richard Branson

3.9 million
social reach

Lady Gaga

41.1 million
social reach

Tim O'Reilly

1.7 million
social reach

Gisele Bündchen

1.6 million
social reach

Kerry Washington

1.5 million
social reach

David Cameron

social reach

Stephen Fry

6.6 million
social reach

Arianna Huffington

1.5 million
social reach

Thunderclap makes going viral possible by leveraging your network to support and amplify your cause at the exact moment you want your message shared. The result? A thunderous virtual standing ovation.

-Aliza Licht, SVP, Global Communications, Donna Karan International

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