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“HeadFunder is a social crowdfunding community determined to give back to the world and better the future #headfunder http://thndr.it/OHqRiO

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Update: We have launched! https://www.headfunder.com

is a new and innovative crowdfunding platform that is giving the power back to the people! Created by Chris Labonty and Nolan Thompson, Headfunder is making a change in the crowdfunding industry by giving back.

Did you know:

  • 85 of the top earners in the World have the same amount of money as 3,500,000,000 people. That's crazy! If these 85 people joined together and distributed their money evenly to the rest of the World, they would be able to end World Poverty 4 times!
  • The top crowdfunding platforms in the industry charge their creators upwards to 5-10% after all fees are collected. That's just wrong! HeadFunder only charges 2% for all or nothing campaigns to make sure creators' fees are low and their funding is high!
  • HeadFunder gives away 10% of their earnings each month to selected campaigns on our site that our users vote for. If Kickstarter did this just last year alone, they would have donated over $2.4 Million to their supporters! That is life-changing money!

HeadFunder is motivated to give back and help change the lives of our supporters! Together we can make a difference! Add your support and send a message to the rest of the crowdfunding industry that we want change! The users of these crowdfunding platforms are the ones who bring these platforms to life, not the founders of the corporations who are taking a percentage of your hard earned funding.

Our mission at HeadFunder is to help you raise the funds needed for your project, cause, or personal need without having to give up a large percentage of your funds.The supporters should have a say in where some of the corporations profits are given back to.Together we can show the corporations that they are nothing without their supporters!

If you believe in spreading positivity and helping to better our world...

Join this ThunderClap and get VIP Access at www.headfunder.com to be a part of something bigger than yourself. United as one we can make a difference!

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HeadFunder, Inc. was created by Chris Labonty and Nolan Thompson. We are here to help fund the future with the rest of the world! We believe that people are in control, not the corporations, that is why we let the supporters of HeadFunder vote on where a portion of our funds go to the campaign of their choice that is in the Magic Box. This will make our world united and hopefully we will make this world we share better for the future generations to come! Thank you for your support!

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