Bahrain Racing in Circles

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“Whether they cover changing tires or burning tires, journalists must be allowed to work freely in Bahrain. #F1 http://thndr.it/1haU78B

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Bahrain Racing in Circles

Every year, the Bahraini government hopes the roar of Formula One cars will drown out criticism for the regime’s human rights violations. This year, the Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders asks YOU to ensure that does not happen.

Join us in calling on the government to allow journalists to report freely in Bahrain, whether they cover changing tires on the racetrack or burning tires on the street. Your participation in this Thunderclap will create a social media flash mob timed to the starting gun of the F1 race on April 6, 2014, at 6 p.m. local Bahraini time/11 a.m. EST. Together, our voices will be heard over the roar of race car engines

The Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders have documented a consistent attempt by the Bahraini government to censor the press since the launch of a mass protest movement on February 14, 2011. In that time, at least three news providers have been killed for their work and many more have been subject to arrest and even torture. Many news providers remain imprisoned today. Several journalists have been forced into exile in fear for their safety. The government has also limited access to international journalists and human rights organizations seeking to cover the ongoing unrest and repression in the country. Meanwhile, some protesters on the street have assaulted journalists considered sympathetic to the government.

With this cycle of censorship against the press, it’s clear that it’s not only F1 cars that are racing in circles in Bahrain. By joining this campaign, help us put a brake on press censorship.  With your help, we can achieve our goal of reaching an audience of 1.3 million people—one for every person in Bahrain.


How to Show Your Support

  1. At the top of the page, choose to support the campaign with Twitter, Facebook, or both.
  2. Tell all of your friends and followers to join the campaign.
  3. On April 6, watch as everyone’s messages are simultaneously shared at the start of the F1 race.
  4. Continue speaking out for press freedom in Bahrain using the #F1 hashtag.

For more information on press freedom in Bahrain, please visit:



  • Thank you

    April 7, 2014

    We want to thank all of the campaign's supporters. In all, 328 supporters joined the campaign reaching a combined potential audience of 4.4 million people! This is an incredible success!

    Please follow our Twitter accounts @CPJMena and @RSF_MENA to stay engaged and to continue supporting press freedom in Bahrain and beyond.

  • We Won't Forget Ahmed

    April 3, 2014

    Two years ago this week, a bullet from an unknown gunman ended Ahmed Ismail Hassan's life as he was filming an opposition protest near his home. 

    The government has never seriously investigated Ahmed's killing. In fact, witnesses said the government focused their interrogations on finding Ahmed's camera, not his killer. 

    The government hopes by hosting prestigious events like the Formula One this weekend, we will forget about Ahmed.

    But we won't forget. And together we will make sure no one else will forget either. 

    Already, we have recruited more than 270 people with a reach of 2.9 million people to join our campaign. That's an incredible achievement!

    Now's the time to push even further. We have three days left to recruit as many people as possible to join us. Let's get this done together for Ahmed.  

  • Tell Ahmed he is not forgotten in prison

    March 28, 2014

    This week, we received the terrible news that freelance journalist Ahmed Humaidan was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The government accuses him of assaulting a police station, but we know his real “crime” is his work as an independent journalist. 

    Cases like Ahmed's are exactly why your support for this Thunderclap campaign is so important. In only three days, we have already made tremendous progress, with more than 150 supporters and a potential audience of more than 2 million people! But, with your continued engagement, we know we can make this Thunderclap even louder. 

    Remember that Twitter and Facebook are great recruitment tools, but they are not the only ones. Send emails. Make calls. Meet people face-to-face. Explain to your friends, families, and coworkers why you support this campaign and why they should too. 

    With that in mind, here is our challenge to each and every one of you. Recruit 10 new people to sign on to this campaign—that's one for every year of Ahmed's sentence. Let's make sure he, and every imprisoned journalist in Bahrain, know that they are not forgotten.

    (Photo credit: Twitter @BahrainPA)



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