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“Kids Place helps children learn and have fun with smart devices while keeping the parents worry-free! #KidsPlaceKS http://thndr.it/1pv6u51

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Every day more and more kids get exposed to the bad influences of the digital world. Having tablets in our households made browsing The Internet so easy a 4 year old can do it.

Blacklisting all websites, apps and blocking all sources of bad content is a tedious process and parental control can only go so far without parents spending a lot of time customizing every single option.

Kids Place is a Kickstarter project bringing a new type of parental control software which comes safe right out of the box. It features a unique Kids Store containing only pre-approved content (Child friendly educational content, NO advertising & in-app purchases) by child psychologists and it has many parental control options enabling parents to customize all aspects of tablet usage.

Please support us to spread the word about our Kickstarter project!

Supporting is free, takes just a moment of your time and your support could help children around the world learn, grow and have fun safe in a safe digital environment.

Follow #KidsplaceKS on Facebook and Twitter for more information!

Here is the Kickstarter description!

Kids Place helps children learn and have fun when using smart devices while taking their parents' worries away.

Everything that Kids Place is and wants to be 

Kids Place is a platform that makes using smart devices safer and easier for kids, both by protecting them from unwanted influences and engaging them in useful activities. 

Here are some of the elements it currently features: 

This platform has helped hundreds of thousands of parents keep their children safe while using smart devices. But we felt like something was missing.

Kids Place has, up to now, been doing a great but passive job. It protects, but doesn't provide content. Parents still need to download child-friendly content from somewhere and add it to the Kids Place platform. And this is not as easy a job as it might seem. Finding these apps can really be a long, costly and tedious process. 

That’s why we want to create a child-friendly app store.

What does "Child Friendly" mean?


Content for kids might not be hard to find. But content that helps your kid is! 

We carefully source only content that truly:

  • educates

  • entertains

  • stimulates creativity

The content we offer is regularly checked by child psychologists to ensure that it meets our standards.

Child-friendly also means keeping your kid’s privacy safe. For this purpose we use advanced validation software that checks every single app for malware and privacy leaks. Privacy is a complicated issue and what is acceptable for adults might not be for children.  

 Of course developers of kids apps also need to make a living. That’s why they integrate various business models in their apps such as advertisements and in-app purchases. But this is not always in your child’s best interest. An app can be safe, but advertisements inside the app can lead your child to unwanted places or show inappropriate content. And in-app purchases can cause uncontrolled spending and frustration.

But how can we run a content store without ads and in-app purchases? We needed to come up with a new payment model. We feel subscriptions are convenient because of a number of reasons:

  • access to our whole content selection for a reasonable price

  • automatically get access to new content every week

  • one-time payment setup

  • no accidental spending

  • honest business model towards content developers

Like said before it’s very important in a child-friendly store to offer safe and quality content. It’s a full time job to find and test this, and with the right funding we can increase our team size and efficiency.

The subscription system also needs to be developed. This includes recurring payments and implementation of various payment methods such as Paypal, Amazon Payments and Google Wallet.

Besides that we need to integrate our store solution into the existing Kids Place platform and test it on various smart devices. And we need to invest into being fully COPPA compliant and setting up servers for hosting our platform.

Stretch goals:

We'll add a child-friendly Ereader that supports PDF and EPUB ebooks.

Translate the whole system in 16 extra languages (Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish).

  • Acquisition of localized content in languages of previous stretch goal,

  • Extra browser support (better whitelisting, preloaded whitelist categorized by age),

  • Content recommendation feature - the store recommends content to your child based on saved preferences such as gender, age and interests.

Gives parents remote access to their kid’s smart device through our website allowing them to remotely:

  • remove/add apps

  • change parental control settings

  • see reports of usage of the smart device

  • set time-locks

Helping children everywhere

One way we help children is by working together with smart device manufacturers and ministries of education to provide Kids Place to schools in developing countries. This will help children there to enhance the way they learn and unlock their full potential.

Even without the content distribution system the Kids Place platform has already been successful and has increased children’s level of engagement and test results.

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