Respect our Elderly

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“David Cameron please #RespectOurElderly by implementing the Daily Mirror's Care Charter http://mirr.im/1sEfgDn http://thndr.it/1ry4NFn

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Respect our Elderly

Tens of thousands of our elderly parents and grandparents live in fear of abuse from those supposed to care for them. These are people who have worked hard, paid taxes, brought up families and even fought for our country.

But in too many cases they face violence and sickening neglect in care homes costing £800 a week, or at the hands of unqualified carers visiting them in their own homes.

The Daily Mirror has revealed the harrowing case of 79-year-old dementia sufferer Gladys Wright who was shoved, dragged across her bed and sworn at by staff at Granary Care Home in Somerset.


Three men convicted of abusing her were only caught after her son set up a hidden camera.

This should be an isolated case, but with growing number of elderly needing care and suffering dementia, these horrors are on the rise. According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, there were 30,000 instances of alleged abuse in care homes in the last year.

That's why we're launching the Mirror's Respect Our Elderly campaign, including a Care Charter to help stamp out abuse.

We are calling for:

  • David Cameron's government to introduce tough sanctions for the owners of care homes who fail to prevent abuse

  • Proper training and fairer pay for care workers (the cast majority of whom perform a challenging job with compassion and dedication)

  • A rating system for all elderly care homes based on annual snap inspections so families can make informed decisions about where their relatives live

  • A minimum standard of qualifications and a career path for carers, along with proper pay. Currently staff do not have to have care qualifications to work with vulnerable elderly people - and most are paid the minimum wage.

  • Corporate responsibility so that owners can be held responsible if abuse takes place in their homes or they ignore whistleblowers

  • A code of conduct for carers and a minimum language requirement. Carers should have an acceptable level of English

  • These standards should also apply to firms that provide care for the elderly in their own homes and to the carers that visit them

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