Light A Candle For Don!

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“Gov. Siegelman, we’re with you in spirit & grateful your day in court comes in the season of light piercing darkness. http://thndr.it/1weQn1n

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Light A Candle For Don!

Justice is love in action. 

Equal justice is the aspiration of the people of the United States and the world. 
Governor Don Siegelman, we’re with you in spirit. 
We’re grateful that your day in court comes in the season of light piercing darkness.
Dana Siegelman, we’re with you as you heal from your accident.
Lori, Joseph, brother Les - we’re with you in great hopes for release of your husband, father, and brother.
And that Don’s release might signal a new day for justice. 
We have seen, with Don’s story over the last decade, that some people seem to feel they can rob others' lives with impunity. 
Unjust persecution, prosecution, targeting, and murder of those deemed dispensable enough to be “disappeared” by misuse of law must end. 
We will work for justice and we send our love. 
Justice is love in action.  - Mimi Kennedy

 This Monday, December 15, at 10:30 am CST, ex-Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman will appear in a Montgomery, Alabama, courtroom.

 For the first time in two years, he’ll be free from prison. He’ll be in court to petition for release pending appeal of his case, which will be heard January 13.

  Many in PDA met Governor Siegelman personally. He was with us at Progressive Central, Denver, 2008.  He met then-House Judiciary Chair John Conyers in our midst.  Conyers and PDA have worked over the years to spread awareness of Don’s political assassination and the unjust use of the Dept of Justice to have it done. 

 But the DoJ never moved to right this wrong.  Until, suddenly,  the federal judge who sentenced Don, Mark Fuller of Alabama, was relieved of his cases due to arrest and rehabilitation for spousal and substance abuse.  

 A new judge is in charge of Don’s appeals, and has granted hearings. Judge Land could set Don free to be home with his family for the holidays. Two years ago, Don’s daughter Dana waged a vigorous campaign to have this happen. Mark Fuller never budged.

 As of this writing, Don is en route to Montgomery, cuffed and shackled, in the custody of federal marshals. In e-mails to his supporters, he wrote of an emotional “last supper” with his fellow inmates in Oakdale, Louisiana, for whom he’d been a guide and legal advisor. They served him a special prison-homemade “last supper” and shared emotional goodbyes. One said he hoped never to see Don again - in prison. Only as a free man. 

 113 former and present state and federal attorneys general have stated, in a letter to the Supreme Court, that the “crime” for which Siegelman was convicted had been uniquely concocted by the judge: “inferred bribery.”  Fuller instructed the jury that they could decide a bribe had occurred even without evidentiary proof.  If this is a crime, they said, every politician in America has committed it. Still, Don’s “disappearance” from the political stage, orchestrated by Karl Rove, succeeded during the Bush years, when the story passed beneath most Americans’ radar. The decade-long saga is documented at http://www.free-don.org/

 On Monday, when the governor steps into the courtroom, he and the public will know of our support, and that we’re spreading his story.

 There is an uprising in the streets for justice. After long suffering, Americans of color are demanding the right not to be killed, harassed or targeted by the state when police are racist.  The same is true for targeting due to religion or political opinion. Don has dwelled two years with victims of mass incarceration. He will be a strong voice for justice when he is free. It was - ironically - his attempt to raise funds for a state lottery referendum to fund college for poor Alabama youth that attracted Rove’s attention and spurred investigation, indictment, and prosecution.  

 The governor and his family have suffered. So have many families. But justice will prevail.



Mimi Kennedy

To read the newsletters about Don's departure from Oakdale Prison Camp and the 10 day trip to get to Montgomery:

  • Judge Land denied Don Siegelman's request for release pending his appeal

    December 20, 2014

    The flame continues to shine a light for Don.

    December 18th, a week before Christmas, Judge Land denied Don's request to be released from prison, pending his appeal in 3 weeks.

    Instead of being able to be with his family for the Holidays, he will either remain in the Montgomery County jail, in solitary confinement or will be traveling back to Oakdale Prison camp, only to turn around and do it again, to be in Atlanta on Jan 13th.

    We read about the saga of his 10 Day trip for a 9 hour drive from Oakdale, LA to Montgomery, AL. Some of us saw the affects of that trip with his appearance in the courtroom last Monday. It's just a shame for our criminal justice system to treat people in such a demoralizing way. What is the point?

    Anyway, we know Don is making the best of his situation. Send him your positive thoughts and wishes and never give up on restoring justice.

    We will let you know the next steps for Gov. Siegelman and how all Friends of Don Siegelman can come together again in solidarity with him. Stay tuned.

    Thank you for being a Friend of Don Siegelman.

    Happy Holidays,

    Friends of Don Siegelman

  • The hearing has ended, the judge will issue a written decision by Friday

    December 16, 2014
    The Friends of Don Siegelman who brought about this Thunderclap would like to say thank you to every other Friend of Don Siegelman who participated.

    Most of us were there at 10:30 yesterday morning when Don walked into the packed-with-supporters courtroom. It was comforting to everyone who knew this Thunderclap was happening, to know that 331 Supporters' posts reached 238,633 people in social media, at once, presented the burning candle image that says 'FREE DON Restore Justice'.

    That is almost a quarter million people!

    We were not able to let Don know, because he was incommunicado during his 10 day tour from Oakdale Prison Camp to the Montgomery County Jail. And he has been in prison for the past 27 months and is unaware of what a Thunderclap even is.

    It's sobering to think of how it must be to live life in prison, especially for the innocent.

    Please keep those candles burning. Even though our Thunderclap tipped, Don still needs your hope and prayers and positive energy as he awaits Judge Land's written decision as to whether he will be released this week, pending his appeal for a new trial. The oral arguments before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will begin on January 13th.

    If Judge Land feels Don has a chance for the 11th Circuit to grant him a new trial, then it's pretty certain he will release him. That means Don will be at home with his family for the Holidays. If he is at home then he will be able to rest and rejuvenate, get some much needed nourishment, reunite with his family and friends and his dog and enjoy life on the outside of prison for about 3 weeks and can go into the courtroom in Atlanta on January 13th with a sense of restored health and dignity.

    Monday, Don was lead into the courtroom from the wings, in a red, faded jumpsuit with the words "County Jail" on the back. His hands were shackled to his waist and ankles. His hair was not brushed, he had a few days of stubble on a face that was thinner than usual. Someone said he was about 20 lbs under weight.

    For the first several minutes, Don did not acknowledge the friends and family sitting behind him. But then he turned around, before the judge entered the courtroom, and seemed to want to make eye contact with each individual there. Lifting his shackled hands he blew his wife a kiss and tried to wave to all his family and friends. For the rest of the hearing he was focused on what was in front of him.

    An intern on the case sat next to him, occasionally putting his hand on Don's back to whisper something to him. That intern was Joseph Siegelman, Don's son. Joseph was just a kid when this nightmare started. Now he is a lawyer who has been a great asset on Don's legal team.

    Maybe cautiously optimistic is the best anyone can feel this week, until Judge Land issues his decision.

    Here are some articles & a news video clip to help understand what is going on:

    Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman could soon be released from prison

    Don Siegelman appears at hearing on appeal motion

    Siegelman Bond Hearing 12/15/14

    Court to Rule on Freeing Don Siegelman, Ex-Governor of Alabama

    Thank you for being a Friend of Don Siegelman. We will keep you updated and if you are not on the Free Don Siegelman Public Figure page on Facebook, please go to it and Like it: https://www.facebook.com/HonorDon as well as Twitter: @DonSiegelman #FreeDonSiegelman

    Keep the fire burning, we'll be back to let you know his status!

    Friends of Don Siegelman

  • Weekend Update on Don's Journey from Oakdale to Montgomery

    December 13, 2014

    Magical CONAir Mystery Tour - Part 2

    Dear Friends,

    As Don was preparing to leave Oakdale Prison for his hearing in Montgomery, he sent friends and family, including me, a few final emails before he went incommunicado during transit. Then, expecting that Don was in transit and unable to communicate with us, we were surprised by another email!

    This email to you is based on the last, last communication from Don before he left Oakdale for the hearing in Montgomery. The saga continues. Read on!

    Anita Darden
    Friends of Siegelman



    Don writes that some of his excitement is dampened by new developments.

    He tells about one female CO (Correctional Officer), who sometimes doubles as the CONBus Transport driver, who comments: "They need to buy a new plane."

    A friendly male CO with whom he joked about Bama beating Missouri this weekend said: "That plane is always breaking down."

    Another officer stated: "I'd be scared to death to get on that plane."

    Don writes “I wonder if it is too late to allow me a legal furlough?”

    To read the full newsletter go here: https://madmimi.com/p/e08ba5?fe=1&pact=26929008836#

    If you missed hearing Mimi Kennedy yesterday, Friday, giving a great overview of Don's case, you can hear it here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pdan/2014/12/12/progressive-conversation

     Mimi (Dharma's mom, in the wonderful 90's sit-com, 'Dharma & Greg' and now in another fun role in the hit program 'Mom') joins Thom via Skype in the second hour of his program, after Brunch with Bernie:
    Thank you all for this support! and continuing to share the invitation to join this Thunderclap. The lights will shine for Judge Clay Land's courtroom Monday morning and for justice for Don Siegelman at 10:30 AM CST. 
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • We've reached the goal, but keep on sharing!

    December 12, 2014

    Congratulations! Ya'll came through and 'Light a Candle for Don!' reached its goal and will launch at 10:30 am CST, when Don Siegelman stands before Judge Clay Land on Monday, December 15th.

    Lighting a candle for Don helps you to be connected, if you won't be able to be at the hearing and it is a strong show of solidarity, letting him know we never give up and we are with him. Justice will prevail.

    Continue to encourage your friends to join. The more the brighter!

    Tune in this morning and join the discussion with Mimi Kennedy. First, at 11 AM CST on her PDA Radio program, Just Sayin', with Co-host, Judy Hess. They will be discussing Don and the hope for justice finally being near.

    Then Mimi will join Thom Hartmann at 1:15 EST (12:15 CST) on his program, The Thom Hartmann Program, found at Free Speech TV, online and the radio. You don't want to miss this!

    Thank you again for supporting Don Siegelman!

    In Peace,

    Friends of Don Siegelman


Friends of Don Siegelman

We are friends of Don Siegelman, former Alabama governor who was railroaded and sent to prison by Karl Rove and his Alabama friends, including the corrupt judge who sent him away for a crime that was not a crime. We are shining a light of support the moment he appears in Montgomery, AL before a new judge, asking to be released, pending the appeal that will hopefully grant him a new trial.

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