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“Remember the games you used to play countless hours of on your Gameboy? Let's make that happen for mobile! http://thndr.it/1u8kaEW

RollPlay Games Ltd.
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Azmara is a 2D+3D Action/Adventure RPG that will be Free to Play on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Battle Mechanics

  • Weapons/Spells/Items: 2 Active + 1 Rotation
    Currently there are 2 main action buttons to push for weapon use. We have added a smaller action button which rotates the first weapon set to the second weapon set.
    There will be two weapon sets so you don't have to continuously go into the inventory to equip a new weapon (plus it makes for some killer weapon combos!). We will be implementing another method of attack by holding down the buttons to increase damage or effect of a certain weapon (found in updated test files).

  • Enemy AI/Combat: Strategy and Memory
    We are working extremely hard to remove as much button smashing as possible. Would you rather stand in front of a monster spamming the sword action button OR pull him in with a rope/chain link, hammer him away and finish him with a bow? Multiple weapons will be needed to take back Azmara. You will need all your wits when it comes to the boss battles!

'2D/3D' Multi-Level Maps

We were extremely happy to have found this innovative tile-layering system. We had initially planned on a 2D world but after discovering this we couldn't pass up the opportunity. This type of design will take environmental exploration to a whole new level. One of the greatest parts of an adventure RPG is discovering new areas and finding out what you can interact with.

Azmara is in a 'prototype' phase, being developed for Android and IOS devices: Phones + Tablets. About a year ago we began planning our strategy. After our development plan was made we dedicated our summer months (4 months total) to the core development.

Our top priority was to ensure the remaining mechanics would be easily implemented into any new '3D' environment systems. We are ready to move onto our next stage but we'll need to produce more game assets. This this the main task we face; NPC sprites, Enemy sprites, Boss fights, and our '2D/3D' environment.

With your pledges we will be able to add another member to our team. Constantly reviewing the artwork and confirming it works within the game is another time-consuming task. This is also where you come in! Testing our game files will make this game perfect upon release.

A incredible amount of depth is added to the game
A incredible amount of depth is added to the game
A great deal of time is spent designing the perfect monster
A great deal of time is spent designing the perfect monster
And catering to the 2D3D perspective was a fun challenge
And catering to the '2D/3D' perspective was a fun challenge
The new design quickly turned current art into unusable art
The new design quickly turned current art into unusable art

 CoronaLabs: Cross-Platform SDK
We are using CoronaLabs. We have received a ton of community support from members using CoronaSDK. Everyone lends a helping hand and we can't thank the Corona Community enough. We recommend any upcoming developers to check out CoronaLabs.

All of us have recently graduated/ will be graduating shortly (hats off!) from university. We have received a lot of support from our families and friends and managed to put ~$20,000 into this project. We have a lot of work done on the core mechanics however we don't have enough artwork to show how interactive this 3D design is. We are asking for another $20,000 to complete the game and cover all expenses for rewards and Kickstarter fees.

Our hope is that you as a backer can see how amazing this game can be. Whether you grew up before or after the millennia this is a game everyone can enjoy. We are 90's babies so we had Gameboys glued to our hands. However we are now at an age where we can develop a game ourselves and make it for our 'new aged gameboys'.

Where your pledges go:

  • Paying for Game Assets - Implementing the needed artwork for the game will take time. With the funds available for a second artist/designer, we will be able to reduce the amount of time it would normally take and get the game in your hands faster. I wish we could work on grilled cheese and pizza pockets alone but unfortunately this isn't the case.

  • Patches and Updates - Bug Testing/ Error Fixing is always needed as phones and their software change. With a big game like this we will need to ensure we don't run into any issues on all phones and tablets.

  • Operation costs - Passion for this game has already led us to establish Rollplay Games Ltd [pun intended? :)] as a mobile development company. All of the start up costs have been covered but a small portion of the funds will be needed for current operations.

Drew Mochrie a.k.a 'MochShot' - Designer/Artist

When I was young I was fortunate to have parents who owned their own video & video game rental store for over 20 years. Unfortunately due to the increasing accessibility of movies and video games, rental stores are now becoming obsolete [no more free video games! :(] During this time I had the pleasure to try out the various games created on Gameboys and console systems such as Sega Gensis, SNES, N64, Playstation and Xbox. Now comes the time of mobile. I have been molded by the entertainment industry and now that I am of age I see no better place for me to be.

Erik Zorn-Wallentin a.k.a 'Azmar' - Programmer + Designer

Hey everyone, my name is Erik and I'm a 23 year old programmer. I have been programming for most of my life. After playing iconic games like Link to the Past and Final Fantasy I knew one day I would create a game like this. Thanks to the support from everyone that time has come. I can't wait to dive deeper into coding the world of Azmara. We want you to find the unique traits of each weapon and defeat each boss based off strategy / specific boss mechanics. You can try to run up to a boss and spam a button but you will be punished for it. We want you to move around; Think a bit for every dungeon as the difficulty will quickly get harder and harder. It will feel very satisfying and evoke emotions to overcome the obstacles in Azmara. I am very excited to also show off our VERY dynamic multi-level map system that will make solving puzzles and killing monsters very fun! I am proud to say how much we have accomplished with a small team in a few months. I would like to stress that most of the hardest parts are over, and adding anything new can simply take a few minutes. A few months ago everything took hours because we didn't have the core game done like we do now! What you see now after months of work will be drastically different with a few months extra. We are finally at the fun stages and will have way more to show for the full game.

More than a Game - Setting a new Standard
You as a backer will be as much as a part of the team as anyone. Whether its something you like or something you hate about the game, we want to know about it. If you find a secret passageway that leads you to a black screen, we want to know about it. We plan on receiving a lot of feedback through our private forum. We are striving to set a new standard for mobile role playing games. Our mission is to reinvent the 90's classics that we used to play.

Special Thanks to:
Michael Hui - Created several environmental tiles and sprite animation/artwork for Azmara


$20,000 - Azmara: We would like to see the funding goal met. This will ensure we have enough funds to carry out the rest of this project and have it available to you by summer 2015. However if the funding goal were to be surpassed we would look into exporting the game to different platforms. We would like to see the game be available for Blackberry's through amazon apps. Exporting to Windows would be possible as well.


2.00 - Contributor + Thankyou!
Thank you to any and all who pledge! A small pledge can go a long way in large numbers, so we thank you for pitching a little in for the little guys :) Your name will be added [in order of pledge #] to the Kickstarter contributors list on our website!
[IMPORTANT] Azmara Test Files: Test files are only available to backers with Android devices. Sorry Apple users, we would if we could!
$4.00 - Limited[250] Early Test File

Backers in this tier will receive a test file developed in December. This file includes a central village with access to the first dungeon [~30-40 minute dungeon]. Backers in this tier will not have access to the forum board located on our website to discuss changes and improvements. The three updated test files are not included in this tier.

$10.00 - Dev Tester Access
('beta' testers)
Backers in this tier will receive three updated test files during development. These files will show the progression in story/weapon development and game completion. You will also receive access to the forum board located on our website to discuss changes and improvements.

$15.00 - Master-Dev Tester Access

Backers in this tier will receive three updated test files which include the master inventory sheet. This includes all weapons/items/spells we have implemented right from the get go! Share your thoughts on weapon improvements! You will also receive access to the forum board located on our website to discuss changes and improvements.

$20.00 - Master-Dev Tester Access + Digital Art Book

Backers in this tier will receive the Master-Dev Tester Access reward. This tier also includes a 'digital art book'; receive concept art, unusable game art and developer blooper videos! 

_____All rewards below include Master-Dev Access + Art Book_____

$55.00 - Limited-Edition[100] 'Movie' Poster

Azmara movie poster 24x33
Azmara 'movie' poster: 24x33"

Receive a poster of the awesome game menu screen. Hand signed thanks and numbered. Shipped directly to your door!
Special thanks to Monspuasajr. on DeviantArt for this amazing creation!

$60.00 - Game Logo/Art T-Shirts

Receive a custom t-shirt with your choice of Azmara logo's, icons, and/or game art. Rep your love for 2D RPGs with one of our monster t-shirts! (Don't worry they'll fit you!). Let us know what you would like on your t-shirt!

$90.00 [LIMITED: 100] - T-Shirt + Poster Bundle

The poster and t-shirt for a little less! Limited to only 100!

$100.00 - Limited[10]: Defeat your own monster
Discuss your monster idea with us and have it implemented into the game! The monsters may or may not be included in the three test files depending on the type of monster and its unique attacks.
*T-Shirt + Poster not included in this tier*

$100.00 - Limited[8]: A place for you in-game
Snap a photo of yourself (make it clean!) and be put into the game as an NPC! You decide your significance! Become a part of the storyline or play a practical joke on your friends!
*T-Shirt + Poster not included in this tier*

$250.00 - Limited[3]: You're the mini-boss!

Creating a monster not enough for you? How about designing a mini-boss fight? Mini-boss fights include Share your thoughts with us and let's make something even you wouldn't want to come across!
*T-Shirt + Poster included in this tier*

$500.00 - Limited [1]: You're the BOSS!
The holy grail of Action-RPGs... the boss fights. We kneel before you as you demand perfection. Your idea will be brought to life only to consume the lives of others! Be prepared to face him along your journey!
*T-Shirt + Poster included in this tier*

Risks and challenges


Like any project there will always be risks and challenges to overcome. The greatest challenge we face is living up to our own expectations. Growing up with iconic games like Link to the Past, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secrets of Mana and many more has set the bar high for a small developing team like us. However all great things have to begin somewhere (Mortal Kombat was made by 4 people!)! We are confident this game will set new standards for mobile RPGs.


The risks involved in developing a game like this vary from bugs and errors within the programming to the entire team being consumed by one of the monsters we create... luckily we have a control over both. With you as 'beta' testers we will make sure this game is perfect upon release. Errors can be anything from in-game issues to compatibility issues with different mobile devices. Testing the game out on various mobile devices will ensure the game runs smoothly across all platforms and device sizes.

Intet nyt!


RollPlay Games Ltd.

I'm a 90's baby and I grew up testing (scratched) video games for my dad's video store. I see no better place for me to be; gamers making games!

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