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“Support the Persian Warrior Sabah Fadai, to fight on the UFC fight card in Manila, Philippines May 16th. http://thndr.it/1E3zFpu

Sabah "The Persian Warrior" Fadai
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AAAAAND FINALLY, THE UFC IS GOING TO MANILA. Sabah "The Persian Warrior" Fadai has spent a few years of his life, living, training and fighting in the Philippines and has made some very close relationships out there. Even had 2 fights with the premier organization URCC. And still to date holds the most devastating Knockout in the organization. http://instagram.com/p/zGeNA0QXZu/?modal=true

Sabah is campaigning to get on the UFC Manila fight card to have the opportunity to repeat history and give the Filipino fans another exciting fight and another devastating FINISH.

use the hashtag #sighPersianWarrior and/or #PWUFCManila #PWUFN65 on twitter and Instagram to quadruple the impact.

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Sabah "The Persian Warrior" Fadai

My name is Sabah Fadai, and i was
born in a small village in north of Iran.
At the age of 8 my family decided to
escape the country, due to
prosecution, through the mountains
into Turkey where we lived for about a
year before finally departing to Canada
in June 1996.
As a child i have always been highly
involved with sports such as
basketball, soccer, and volleyball. After
graduation from Sardis Secondary
School i moved to Kamloops BC to
attend university for a Bachelors of
Science Degree majoring in Biology.
During my time in Kamloops i started
the art of Kickboxing which i became
infatuated with and spending every
free time i had watching videos of
kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts
(MMA) fights from Japanese
organization called Pride Fighting
Championships. I was hooked and
knew deep down that there was
nothing else more satisfying than
becoming a world champion.
Naturally i had my first professional
bout March 3rd 2007, roughly 6
months after i started training in Mixed
Martial Arts. My love for this sport,
which at the time was very much frowned upon, was increasing daily and i
had nothing else on my mind but to get
better every day and to challenge myself
with better opponents. However there
was no money in the sport and so i
needed a backup plan.
In late 2008 i flew to The Philippines
where i studied to become a Dentist. But
of course nothing could keep me away
from MMA so again naturally i found
myself in the ring competing. I fought 2
times in the Philippines where i defeated
very tough opponents with ease and had
to step up in competition level. so i was
picked up by an organization called
Martial Combat where I fought 2 times in
Singapore, winning both bouts and
achieving a Championship Title in my
weight category. I then knew right there
that i was born to be a fighter and not a
Dentist. Although the game plan was to
be both, so i can wreck some teeth and
fix it after, but the level of competition
acquired me to train every day and
hence leaving no time for school. The
way i look at is If we can fail at doing
something we don’t like, why not follow
your passion? Right then and there i
decided i would leave the Philippines to
come back home to train full time as a
professional athlete and represent my
country of Canada in the highest levels
of competion.
Now here i am today so close to
achieving my dreams of competing in
the highest level of competition, The
UFC, and becoming a world champion.
And i could have not done it without the
belief in God Whom allowed me to see a
light at the end of the tunnel. And of
course none of this would be possible
without the continuous support of my
family, friends, coaches, training
partners and incredible sponsors.

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