Don't Wait, Communicate!

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“Build your community & meet your neighbors today! Neighbors are usually first on the scene in an emergency. #NatlPrep http://thndr.it/1IyC1vr

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Don't Wait, Communicate!

Do you know your neighbors?  In an emergency, neighbors are usually the first on the scene, providing critical help until first responders can arrive. 

Make sure your community is a resilient community. A resilient community is one that can adapt and quickly recover from events. Building a strong, resilient community requires preparedness efforts at all levels – starting at home with the family, and expanding to include neighborhoods, workplaces and schools, travel, and online communities. 

Start small. Meet your neighbors. Build that connection. You never know when you might need a helping hand or when you may find yourself in the role of a first responder.

For more information about the PrepareAthon's National Day of Action, visit www.ready.gov/prepare


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