34 Seconds

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“Stella's book 34 Seconds, released October 4th, has been called heart warming and heart breaking. http://thndr.it/1JyilHu

Stella Samuel
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Nikki and Will fell in love a lifetime ago in Deltaville, Virginia. Now living in Colorado with her family, Nikki is invited to attend Will’s wedding back in Virginia where she finds her past staring her in the face.
Will never wanted a wife, and he broke Nikki's heart long ago. Nikki knew what she wanted: a strong, happy marriage and children, a future. She found those things when she married Chris, and she and Will managed to grow their friendship after heartbreak. 

A year after the wedding, Nikki is faced with her painful past again. She soon discovers she must find the strength to help Will on his own personal journey. In thirty-four seconds, she sees him slip from her life forever. Watching Will cross over to his fate, her past collides with her present, and Nikki learns she’s never been in control of her own destiny. Her own journey back to her family in Colorado becomes one of self-discovery. With the help of Will’s voice to carry her across the country, Nikki must decide how she will move forward

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Stella Samuel

Stella Samuel is the author of the upcoming fiction book releasing October 4th on Amazon. 34 Seconds is a personal journey, following a woman discovering how she was never truly in control of her own fate through the death of her long lost love.

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