Love Wild Horses not Fracking

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“Remove cancerous fracking, not wild horses from the wild & Free 50,000 BLM captive wild horses-a win-win http://thndr.it/1HPSQkZ

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Change is upon the wind and will not be held off!  Thank you for standing with us, to protect our water, public land and wild horse freedom and survival. 

Return 50,000 Bureau of Land Management, captive wild horses to freedom, today and remove toxic fracking, not wild horses from our public land.
Stop all government wild horse removals, our wild horses, while living in the wild, protect the wellness of our water and land.

A massive land grab is underway of our public land and water and the first to go, are our native wild horses, next is the health of our water and land and then ill effect upon our own health. Unbeknownst to most Americans and orchestrated with our own hard earned tax dollars, America's public lands are being divied up for fracking, oil, gas and cattle interests. 

If our land and water are poisoned, so will we all be, remove fracking not wild horses from public land and water use, because the last thing America needs is more cancerous chemicals poured into our land and drinking water. It is time to help not harm our precious Earth and her inhabitants.

Our children and their children will inherit the result of our efforts, if we are unsuccessful, they will inherit a toxic land and water supply, and they will battle more cancer and never know the pure magic of wild horses. Future generations deserve and are calling for us to: prioritize, recognize and honor what is sacred here with compassionate action as life's breath cannot ever be bought, or sold. 
If the wild horses are no more, we will lose the true essence and spirit of all that is good here in America.. the soul of freedom that resides within us all.

Once in America, when our lands were thriving in optimal balance, 2,000,000 wild horses roamed our hills and prairies, now under 18,000 wild horses remain upon our public lands and those remaining are threatened with government, tax funded "removal", to make way for more corporate take over. 50,000 native wild horses are now behind bars, across America, in costly BLM concentration camp like shelterless facilities, many horses (70+) are held in pens with only 1 water trough and inadequate care, awaiting our help, to be freed.. to be able to survive and thrive. The horses are calling to save and protect them, ourselves and our land and water,can you hear them?

If corporations must move in, or onto our public lands they must first prioritize and help these lands, our water, wild horses  and wild ones to thrive and never cast harm or death upon this place and her sacred inhabitants..what is cast upon them, is cast upon us all, we are all connected here.~
When our water supply and lands..wild ones thrive, we also, thrive in wellness ~:

As Chief Seattle taught us, we are all connected here..what is cast upon the land, water.. wild horses, is cast upon us all. As ancient Cree prophecy warned .."..

“When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”

...The new way is here, for ...love to reign~
May our native wild horses run free in true protection
and may our land and water be well and protected, so together now we will thrive~

PHOTO: SHERRY SNIDER~ Native Wild Horses~ protecting their water, land, freedom and families..may we follow their good lead, today~



We are Wave Makers for Native Wild Horses to be returned to freedom, protected and honored to thrive~Please stand with us, now. Saving wild horses, is directly connected to saving our drinking water, public land and our own health and freedom~: We are 1 voice 1 love rising up

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