America Needs Unions!

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“BREAKING: This #LaborDay, demand $15, #union rights, and take aim at politicians holding us back! #FightFor15 http://thndr.me/SUTyXn

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America Needs Unions!

The number one job of politicians is to raise the standard of living for our families and our communities. But in states across the country, Republicans are doing the opposite – using their power to help corporations and billionaires at the expense of the rest of us. They actively work to keep wages low, attack unions, threaten our healthcare access and encourage racism.

Here's the good news.

In 2018, the worst Republican governors in battleground states are ALL up for reelection.

Let’s throw ‘em out.

The #FightFor15 is putting our energy, organizing, and power to work replacing politicians who fight against us, all of us, with candidates who will fight for us in 2018.

It starts on Labor Day. Join us and help spread the word via Thunderclap!

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Fight For 15

International movement of underpaid workers taking a stand against poverty wages. We are winning, join us. #FightFor15

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