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Pantropy Game on Kickstarter

by Brain Stone GmbH category: Crowdfunding

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Brain Stone GmbH
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This campaign ended on February 06, 2018 at 11AM

We are launching on Kickstarter Feb 6th 2018 and we need your support to help spread the word.

If you want to stay up to date on our progress, please join our mailing list here:

Thanks in advance for supporting our Thunderclap and campaign!


Pantropy is a science-fiction based multiplayer game for players who want to make their own story. You’ll need to band together to thrive in this lush and dangerous world. Luckily, there are factions just waiting to welcome you into their ranks. Are you going to grind resources and craft a powerful mech? Or maybe you’d prefer to set up a mining station to do the hard work for you and hunt down enemy factions instead.

Players spawn on the outer regions of the island and must travel deep into enemy territory in order to get the greatest loot and highest value ores. In the center of the map, mobs are powerful and won’t hesitate to pick off lone travelers as battles rage across the landscape. With multiple biomes to conquer, a vast range of weaponry, and highly customizable bases, Pantropy is not for the soft-hearted. Whether you build your base above or below ground, enemy factions will come for you.

● In-depth crafting system
● Faction based gameplay
● Farming automation
● Complex base building
● Anti offline-raid system
● PVE and PVP
● Personal modular mechs
● Global events
● Battle-based gameplay
● XP systems and rewards
● Multiple biomes
● Multi-crew vehicles
● Faction quest system

  • We're moving up the date of our Kickstarter to Feb 6, 2018

    November 7, 2017
    Dear Supporters!

    We have decided to delay the Kickstarter. Even at this early stage, we don´t want to sell keys to a closed alpha that doesn´t meet our standards. We rather delay it than launching an unpolished game.

    We don´t think that we´re ready to launch the alpha yet. We´ll give away a few keys during the Friday streams and will continue to work hard on the closed alpha. The Kickstarter launch will be moved to the 6th February.

    --Brain Stone Games
  • Video dev diary #02

    September 22, 2017
    Our coder Julian has recorded a video about the AI for Pantropy

  • Video dev diary #01

    September 18, 2017
    Hey guys, 

    we´ve just recorded a short dev diary about the current state of the game. More videos will follow in the next days and weeks!

    Thanks for your support!


Brain Stone GmbH

Brain Stone GmbH was founded by Sebastian Kaulitzki in cooperation with Julian Kaulitzki in 2016.

The duo started developing Pantropy in December 2015 and created Brain Stone GmbH to support their development efforts. Brain Stone is located in Potsdam, Germany and the team now consists of 16 people.

Pantropy is Brain Stone‘s first game, but the creative minds behind it all have extensive experience working on previous games.

Brain Stone is a product of passion. Everyone involved loves gaming and works day and night to make Pantropy a fantastic game that you will enjoy.

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