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Agrello on Bittrex

by Yours Truly category: Other

“Let's see $DLT on BittrexExchange! Blockchain-agnostic SMCs and SMLCs is beyond "disruptive" this is next-level!

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Agrello on Bittrex

When I read through the whitepaper of an Estonian organization looking to utilize two of today's more popular technologies : Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence WITH blockchain technology, I knew right away this project was off to a solid start.

Combine that with software that is blockchain-agnostic and you have a recipe for evolution.

Imagine a world where you can draw up legally-binding contracts in real-time on several blockchain technologies without any legal or coding skills necessary.

I did, and it's why I chose Agrello.

Intet nyt!


Yours Truly

I am a Blockchain enthusiast.

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