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The Crown Stones on Indiegogo

by Frater Studio category: Crowdfunding

“Meet the newest and difficult souls-like #metroidvania "The Crown Stones: Mirrah" #indiegame Support on #Indiegogo!

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Frater Studio
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This campaign ended on October 18, 2017 at 9PM

The Crown Stones on Indiegogo

Who are we ?

Frater Studio is a Brazilian indie game developer founded by directors Fabiano Silva and Murilo Franco in May 2016, since then it has been growing and constantly improving all its production areas, getting more experience and evolving daily. Incessantly seeking to be better in all areas, we always combine fun, quality and information, aiming to please everyone.

The team of the project " The Crown Stones Mirrah" is formed by Fabiano Silva, Murilo Franco, Harsh Raghav, Jatin Rathor and Ingo Duarte.

We need your help to make this game real. We got potential but we need the most support possible! Join us on this campaign. 

About "The Crown Stones : Mirrah" :

The Crown Stones: Mirrah” is a Metroidvania-styled retro game which has great influence from old games like “Castlevania”, “Demon’s Crest”, “Blackthorne”, among others retrogames that have always inspired us. However, it has different mechanics as well as some elements from new generation games, like “Dark Souls” for example, game that inspires us a lot by its difficulty and dense atmosphere.

Watch our trailer :

Features :

  • High difficulty metroidvania
  • Progressive horror. The game becomes more obscure with the progress of levels
  • Fast and fluid gameplay
  • Implicit and explicit content beyond various mysteries to be unveiled
  • Evolution based on the seven chakras. Each activated chakra will unlock new abilities.
  • Use of karma as the game’s currency
  • Wide range of weapons and items to use.
  • Secret characters and scenarios

Know more about our projects through our social medias:


We're counting on you!

  • Get exclusive arts of the game “The Crown Stones: Mirrah”!!!

    October 28, 2017

    If you don’t feel comfortable with horror themes and so on, we recommend you not to continue reading.

    In “The Crown Stones: Mirrah” we show the world of the undead and its inhabitants, living there to keep the pain and suffering of this underworld, among others who just wander without knowing they are dead. Our protagonist starts his journey falling into this world and needs to find the best way to get out of there.

    About our event ----------------- Promotion up to 30/10/2017 11:59pm. ( UTC-3 )

    We are looking for a minimum support to assure that our game continue to be produced. If you met our project through this message, we have something special for you if you back our game!

    How to get an unique art of this game?

    Back the project with at least $10 (ten dollars) between days 28/10/2017 and 30/10/2017 (until 11:59pm) and you will receive an exclusive digital wallpaper in high resolution! (Each supporter will receive a different digital art!) Size : 1680x1048. 

    Look at some of these arts

    We will send it as soon as possible! (it will depend on how much support we will receive)

    We are working hard to create our game and, besides all difficulties, we managed to make a free demo which shows part of the first level of the game. (It can be accessed through our campaign on Indiegogo)


    Thank you for your attention!


Frater Studio

We are Frater Studio, an indie game developer.

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