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Bitcoin Cash Fund Site Launch

by Paul Wasensteiner category: Crowdfunding

“Bitcoin Cash Fund site now launched! We're a community-driven, grass-roots org accelerating adoption of #BitcoinCash

Paul Wasensteiner
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This campaign ended on November 24, 2017 at 7PM

The Bitcoin Cash Fund is a community-driven, grass-roots project to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. The initiative is growing at light-speed, and the community and industry support behind the project has been monumental.

Read about it HERE.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund is a non-profit organization, with the mission of distributing funds donated by individuals and sponsors to quality projects that can expand awareness of Bitcoin Cash.

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

  • A person-to-person online global digital cash system.
  • A decentralized currency not controlled by any one person.
  • A secure, high-speed and low-cost payment system.

This Thunderclap has the goal of launching the Bitcoin Cash Fund's website to as wide an audience as possible. To achieve this we need the community to get as many people as possible to support this campaign before Friday 24th November. 

We need you to go out there and drag as many Bitcoin Cash supporters to this page as possible and get them to click at least one of the support buttons above, to allow us to send just one message from your social media account.

Follow the Bitcoin Cash Fund twitter profile for updates.

Help us spread the word and push Bitcoin Cash forward together!


¡Lanzada la web del Fondo de Bitcoin Cash! Somos una organización impulsada por la comunidad para acelerar la adopción de #BitcoinCash

El Fondo de Bitcoin Cash es un proyecto genuino impulsado por la comunidad para acelerar la adopción de Bitcoin Cash. La iniciativa está creciendo a la velocidad de la luz y el apoyo de la comunidad y del sector ha sido monumental.

Pueden encontrar más información AQUÍ.

El Fondo de Bitcoin Cash es una organización sin ánimo de lucro cuyo objetivo es la distribución de los fondos donados por particulares y patrocinadores a proyectos importantes que corran la voz sobre Bitcoin Cash.

¿Qué es Bitcoin Cash?
  • Es un sistema monetario digital global de persona a persona.
  • Una divisa descentralizada no controlada por ninguna persona o entidad.
  • Un sistema de pago de alta velocidad y bajo coste.

Este Thunderclap tiene como objetivo correr la voz sobre el lanzamiento de la página web del Fondo de Bitcoin Cash a la mayor audiencia posible. Para lograrlo, necesitamos que el mayor número posible de personas apoyen esta campaña antes del viernes 24 de noviembre.

Necesitamos que aporten su granito de arena y consigan que el mayor número de personas posible haga clic en uno o más de los botones de arriba, lo que nos permite enviar un único mensaje desde la cuenta de redes sociales que vinculen.

Sigan el perfil de Twitter del Fondo de Bitcoin Cash para mantenerse al día.

¡Ayúdennos a correr la voz e impulsemos Bitcoin Cash juntos!


BCF刚展开了Thunderclap 运动,我们需要您的支持!




BCF 是个非盈利组织,致力于把个人以及赞助商捐赠的资金分配于能扩展比特现金应用的高质量项目。

  • P2P上线全球数字货币系统
  • 不受单一人控制的去中心化式货币
  • 安全,高速,低费用支付系统

这个Thunderclap 的目的是为了让BCF网页尽可能向更多的观众发布。为了达到该目的,我们需要社区尽可能拉拢更多的支持者,在11月24日星期五之前把他们带来这个页面,在Thunderclap 里点击至少其中一个支持按钮(越多越好),让我们用您的社交媒体账户发送一份讯息。



BCF Thunderclap运动

  • Congratulations everyone! We did it!

    November 22, 2017
    Congratulations everyone! We did it. We got 250 people to donate a social media post to our thunderclap campaign. The Bitcoin Cash community is truly awesome and a force to be reckoned with. Thank you!

    We don't need to stop there though. We can hit 1,000,000 reach if we get out there and find even more support for our project! Lets push this even higher!

Paul Wasensteiner

I launched the Bitcoin Cash Fund initiative, with the goal of helping the Bitcoin Cash community, to drive progress forward and expand adoption.

I was long time bitcoiner since 2011 until recently when it was changed into a settlement layer for financial institutions. This design does not fit the original vision for Bitcoin that I signed up for. Bitcoin Cash follows that vision. Bitcoin Cash is King!

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