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The #WindOfChange For Climate

by Team4Nature category: Environment

“The science is clear and the solutions are here! The PEOPLE can bring the #WindOfChange to solve the #ClimateCrisis!

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This campaign ended on February 04, 2018 at 8PM

The Story

What kind of leader would deny something that's so important, when the science is clear?

Real HOPE lies with the PEOPLE: 

  • They may be the scientists, driven by a desire to use their knowledge to advance civilisation, whilst protecting people and planet.
  • They may be the politicians that use their voices to represent and protect people and planet, rather than pursuing selfish, greedy agendas.
  • They may be the individuals that wake each day with a love for their family and friends, simply wanting to enjoy life, on a healthy planet, filled with purpose and hope for a bright future.
  • They may be the born heroes and leaders that want to use their strength of mind or body to create a better world.
Which of the ABOVE are YOU?

Which of the ABOVE is the President of America? He isn't a scientist, but it would be a real game-changer if he proved to be ALL of the other three!

It is these people and the POWER of their common good that hold the key to the future! Individual actions can combine to drive the #WindOfChange for people and planet!

So when we look at the climate crisis, there is no need to fear it, because THE PEOPLE have the POWER, AND the SOLUTIONS available to solve it!

What we don't have is time; time to listen to those climate change deniers that are either mis-informed or protecting selfish and/or corporate interests. The time to act is NOW!

The Solutions

  • You can learn more about the solutions to the climate crisis here. These ranked solutions, compiled by the PROJECT DRAWDOWN team, will not only surprise you, but will also EMPOWER YOU, because they include so many things that we can ALL do to HELP. For example, food waste is ranked 3rd and plant-rich diets 4th in the list of 80 solutions!  The real beacon of light for humanity is that these solutions to the climate crisis actually improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security, generate resilience, and advance human health, creating a win-win situation
  • Support the scientists! Science cures diseases, and makes our fortunate lives in the developed world a whole lot easier! Isn't it time that WE ALL placed our faith in good science?! If a political or corporate leader ignores the independent peer-reviewed science, why not write to them, asking WHY they are ignoring it and also asking them if they TRULY CARE about people and planet?! See what, if any, reply you get and that will tell you all that you need to know!
  • Support the politicians that are passionately fighting for a better world, rather than protecting career goals or vested interests.
  • Consider making positive changes in YOUR life that HELP SOLVE the climate crisis, and then recommend them to others, so that everyone works together to PROTECT their home and future!
The Call to Action

  • Support and share this thunderclap  (It takes 30 seconds and costs nothing!). Information is key to change! By adding your support to this thunderclap you will be sharing the solutions to the climate crisis with your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This will help to inform and empower others, filling them with hope, rather than fear and helplessness.
  • SHARE the facts and solutions to the climate crisis with family and friends 
YOU ALL HAVE THE POWER (including Mr. President!) to bring the #WindOfChange for CLIMATE!

The time has come to USE THAT POWER! :)

You may wish to follow the #WindOfChange blog - a new shared resource, covering Animal Rights, Environmental Justice, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Rights of Nature & Social Justice.

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Once people receive the facts about the state of nature and planet earth, the vast majority do care and want to make a difference! Our job is to help inform and strengthen the environmental movement, so that more individuals and businesses use their awesome skills and power to become guardians of nature, protecting the health and well-being of their local communities. Business, community and nature - together for a better world!

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