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#CoalKills people and planet

by 🌎 Grassroots #People&Planet category: Environment

“#CoalKills People&Planet: Moving #BeyondCoal is Practical, Fair, Inclusive & Economic END THE GLOBAL COAL JOBS FRAUD

🌎 Grassroots #People&Planet
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This campaign ended on January 01, 2018 at 8PM

Credits to previous work by others: Study of Lignite power generation facilities in southeastern Europe and Germany via  @ceebankwatch


#CoalKills people & planet

Hardly any #coal operations globally are economically viable, and many coal workers, especially coal miners, are set to lose their jobs regardless of countless new plants and empty rhetoric from those who tout the biggest lie of this generation "beautiful clean coal".

This Thunderclap explores how #BigCoal and Governments have often made unrealistic employment claims. Coal mining communities all around the world are still being deceived resulting in delaying a just transition to sustainable energy. There was no planned transition in UK resulting in chaotic coal closures

An example drawn from Southeast Europe looks at social, environmental and economic impacts of coal and real-time acute impacts of the THE GREAT COAL JOBS FRAUD. Governments, coal workers and their wider communities need to work together towards #JustTransition via  @TransitionJust

We must make a #CoalExit ( by  @urgewald ) now via divestment and a just transition from all fossil fuels. Sustainable, renewable options are available to generate and store power which are far more practical and economic than propagation of a "myth" that coal can be revived by it's own death knells

Coal has never been clean, nor will it ever be! If carbon capture and storage had ever been practical or economic then it would have been proved and instated by now on an industrial scale. 

Instead, it is widely understood that #CoalKills and if divestment and #CoalExit does not come fast enough, then #BigCoal might cancel, ignore and sidestep regulation so as to defend their bottom line against more sustainable green energy. More disturbingly is land grab of national forests, parks, and reserves; especially in USA.

Coal is set for big fall: from technical and economic annihilation from already established and fast developing #CleanTech solutions like; #Wind #Solar and green energy storage options. Fossil fuel (in)justice must be conquered with a fair, inclusive and Just-Transition

Source of reference: pdf download "THE GREAT COAL JOBS FRAUD; How unrealistic employment claims are deceiving coal mining communities in southeast Europe and delaying a just transition to sustainable energy. via  @ceebankwatch


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🌎 Grassroots #People&Planet

#CoalKills people & planet:

We invite you to join with Grassroots #People&Planet a growing coalition of citizens, communities, organisations, investors, civic society, cities and towns, divesting from fossil fuels, standing up to #energy(in)justice and proclaiming a #JustTransition to clean, safe, inclusive, sustainable energy.


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