Mobile Payment For Unbanked

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“Enable financial inclusion: A mobile app for the unbanked! In 30 seconds payments from person to person! http://thndr.it/18B855B

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This campaign ended on January 05 at 11PM

All over the world makes it difficult for everyday life, not having a bank account. More than 2 Billion of these unserved adults live in Africa, Asia and Latin America. However: Unserved does not mean unserveable!

Currency with a cause

I want to encourage open source software developer to take the Internet-based payment system Zetacoin to where it belongs: directly to the people. Zetacoin enables payments within 30 seconds from person to person. In Africa, Asia and Latin America Android smartphones are very widely used. For these devices, we need an electronic application, that allows them to receive, keep and spend their money. Zetacoin: Currency With A Cause!

Spread the word and make change happen!

  • My heartfelt thanks to all of you!

    January 6, 2014

    "Mobile Payment For Unbanked" has been fully supported last night. Our message

    Enable financial inclusion: A mobile app for the unbanked! In 30 seconds payments from person to person.

    is out to the world, being shared on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr by our 102 supporters to an audience of 69'814. 

    The moment of truth has arrived and today is a big day. 

    I want to say thanks! I appreciate your help very much. 

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