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“The world needs a better way to make decisions together. #Loomio is building it. You can help: http://thndr.it/1kaQhmy

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Bring Loomio to the World!

We’re a small team of open-source developers, facilitators and activists in New Zealand. On Tuesday March 11, we're crowdfunding to build a totally inclusive platform so anyone anywhere can participate in decisions that affect them. It's called Loomio 1.0. 

Real democracy is about collaboration: groups of people getting together and making decisions that work for everyone.

Loomio fills a critical gap: bringing online talk to real world action. Social media and email have made it so easy to communicate, but a decision is what turns talk into action. Right now, there's no easy way to make decisions together online. It's like a missing piece of the internet.

We've taken all the learning from thousands of groups using our beta prototype and designed a whole new platform for truly inclusive decision-making: Loomio 1.0

Help us build a truly inclusive platform

It needs to be mobile, to include people in places where computers and internet are scarce.

So we’re building a platform that works on any device, built with best in open mobile technology: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, HTML5

It needs to be easy, to include all kinds of people.

So we’ve designed it to be as easy to use as email, so you don’t need to be a computer geek to participate.

It needs to be safe, to include people discussing sensitive topics.

So we’re making it really easy to set up and run your own independent version, so your privacy is entirely under your own control.

It needs to be accessible, to include people of all abilities.

So we’re making it work great with screen-readers and other assistive technologies.

It needs to be open, to include everyone.

So we’re building 100% free and open source. We're building public infrastructure for decision-making, held in the commons.

We’re launching March 11th 2014, and we can't do it without you! If you want this to happen, please share with <3"

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We're a small team of open-source developers and social justice activists working in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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