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“Join the #UNIFY Global Water Ceremony Tell the world Why you #LoveWater! Be Inspired - http://youtu.be/qORL2Ck1Kec http://thndr.it/1iGz5W7

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This campaign ended on March 19 at 9AM

Water Unifies us All. On March 22nd, Join the world in the Synchronized Global Water Ceremony. At 3:00pm in your local time and 3:00pm pacific. UNIFYing with the world to restore our relationship with this sacred medium of life.

At this exact moment there will be millions across the planet synergizing in meditation, prayer and creative expression setting the way forward with our renewed relationship with water. Join us in a global ceremony.

All cultures and sacred traditions are interconnected through water; from blessings, prayers in the Ganges, Baptisms in churches, to Water Ceremonies on Turtle Island. UNIFY is activating its global network of millions to gather with their prayers and intentions in the water, on the water and at the water.

World Water Day is a day celebrating the life giving spirit of Water. As a global community we are paddling the river of life together restoring our sacred relationship with the essence of Life, on our Blue Planet. World Water Day begins UNIFY’s yearlong campaign to synergize the global community in embodying our deepest hopes of living in Peace – as one human family – unified.


  • Can you hear it? We sure can! The storm is thundering...

    March 18, 2014
    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for your invaluable support with the #LoveWater thunderclap.

    ON March 19th AT 9:30am PDT the thundercloud is going to release its torrential downpour. With a current social reach of well over 300,000 people...this is just the beginning.

    We are launching together for World Water Day to show the world our UNIFYied resolve to renew our relationship with this sacred medium of life called water.

    If you want to participate further...

    • Really simple... tweet to the world why and how you #LoveWater! 
    • Join the convo by typing #LoveWater into the search bar.
    • If you see a post with #LoveWater and it resonates with you - respond!
    • Remember to include #LoveWater in your response. That easy.
    Daniel-Léo Richard
    UNIFY Social Media Key for World Water Day


UNIFY launched on December 21st, 2012 serving the emerging Unification of the sacred on earth. It has grown beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Millions have organized meditations, prayers and mystical activism vigils and events.

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