A lifesaving sprint: #RaceTo50

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“Today the #ArmsTreaty has hit another major milestone. #RaceTo50 = a success. A safer world is in sight. http://thndr.it/RWexvq

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A lifesaving sprint: #RaceTo50

If you're following us on twitter or have browsed the webpages of controlarms.org, you know that every minute one person dies from armed violence, 16 people become refugees, and 15 new weapons are created.

That's one scary minute.         

The irresponsible arms trade fuels conflict, human rights abuses, and poverty in communities all around the world.

In 2013, the world took the first step toward fixing the problem when the Arms Trade Treaty was adopted at the United Nations. In 2014, we have a chance to turn the words on paper into action on the ground.

April 2013 also marked the start of the #RaceTo50. Control Arms has been putting the pressure on governments to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty – 50 ratifications are needed for it to “enter into force” and become international law. Now with the finish line in sight, we're calling on you to amplify that message.

If you think human rights should come before profit click one of the red "support" buttons above. If you think a machine gun destined to commit gender-based violence should never reach its destination, click another one.

With your help, this Thunderclap will be broadcast worldwide the first minute the Arms Trade Treaty becomes international law. The global wave will signal that the ATT needs to be more than words. It must be a commitment to make a difference for the millions who live in the shadow of armed violence every day.

Don’t want to wait for the Thunderclap to tip? Visit www.controlarms.org/act to take action now.

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Control Arms

Control Arms is a global alliance of over 100 civil society and nonprofit organizations fighting for an Arms Trade Treaty that will save lives. We have the words on paper now, but we need to continue to work until we see the action on the ground!

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