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“BE AWESOME! Support the epic new sci-fi film #OUTPOST and help be a part of IndieGogo history! #20k1stDay #GoBeyond http://thndr.it/1kP5it2

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My creative partner Ryan Welsh and I have been working on this film for months and the only thing that matches our passion for this project is our ambition in making it come alive!!! It's an epic science fiction film called OUTPOST and we would like to ask for your help in spreading the word. Here's the story:

When the last member of a special class of intergalactic diplomats called Citizens finds himself on the verge of discovering intelligent life, he realizes he has feelings for his android companion, A.R.I.A.. But just as Citizen Gordon is ready to reveal his feelings and embrace their unconventional relationship, news of a doomsday device headed towards their outpost puts him, his android, his discoveries, and even all of humanity in imminent danger...

In this film, we hope to entertain our audience with incredible storytelling as we explore the complicated nature of emotions such as love, longing, and fear. Whether it's me and you in the present, or a boy and his robot in the future, love drives the engines of our hearts.  

As a filmmaker, we really want to highlight these key messages:

  • Love is universal, powerful, and uncontrollable.
  • Fear is the greatest threat to our humanity, not external people, groups, or even aliens.
  • No matter how we advance scientifically, our humanity will always be connected to our ability to feel empathy - not how far we explore, how powerful we become, or how cool our technology looks. 

Our goal is to raise 30% of my crowdfunding goal on the FIRST DAY of fundraising! Why reach so high? Well, two reasons:
  1. Market research has shown that successful film campaigns earn 30% of their goal within the first 3 days. If they don't, the failure rate ranges as high as 96%!!!
  2. Making #20k1stDay virtually guarantees placement on Indiegogo's front page AND a ton of sci-fi related press.
  3. We have a star actor looking at our project who, if we can raise 20k in the first day, he's IN!
In case you're new to Thunderclap, this service coordinates hundreds of tweets and updates that can deliver this message to as many as 100,000 people! With that much reach, we can easily hit 20k our first day. But it depends on YOU. Please SHARE this on Twitter and Facebook using the buttons above and your awesomeness will only be matched by our gratitude!!


P.S. Now, do something nice for yourself and go watch the teaser for OUTPOST by clicking here!! 

Nichts zum Erzählen!


Justin Giddings

Justin Giddings is an accomplished actor who has begun to build a name for himself as a filmmaker. While he likes to consider himself hilarious, his films tend to be thoughtful and dramatic. He's also entirely too comfortable writing bios about himself in the third person. He is the co-founder of Giddy Welshmen Productions with creative genius and pizza-lover Ryan Welsh.

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