Going for #1 World Ranking!!

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“Live now on Twitch!! (18+ hours) Going for yet another #1 World rank in Battlefield Hardline flying the choppers! http://thndr.it/164XyzY

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Going for #1 World Ranking!!

I Will be streaming my attempt for another #1 World rank for flying the helicopter in Battlefield Hardline. 

I have a history of US/World rankings in many games and major achievements. 


      World Of Warcraft

  • 3 World firsts
  • 3 Server firsts
      Cod 4
  • Many 1st place finishes @ lan and MLG events
      Battlefield 4
  • Was as high as 4th in the US for flying the littlebirld
      Battlefield Hardline Beta ( June )
  • #1 World ranked Helicopter pilot
  • #1 World ranked Squad leader
  • #1 World ranked Squad points 
     Battlefield Hardline Beta ( Feb )
  • #5 World ranked Helicopter pilot
  • Intel
  • Roccat
  • OriginPc
  • MtBakerVapor
  • Fragnet
  • Webroot 
  • Twitch Partnership
  • Riddikulous Graphics
Join me in my quest to make history once again! Going for a 18 hour stream full of giveaways and special LIVE on stream challenges! Every Sub initiates a giveaway and every 10 Subs means a live on stream challenge event!

Every person who backs me on this campaign will be entered in to win a $50 Steam gift card if we pass the 100 supporter goal!

Nichts zum Erzählen!



My gamer tag is Darkfire3814. I am a full time Twitch streamer that is blessed enough to be sponsored by many companies like Intel, Roccat, Originpc. I have held several US and world rankings in several FPS video games.

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