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PT Career Management are a team of Professionals working together to provide Support and Management services for Personal Trainers and their Business

We look to make a Positive change for the Future for Personal Trainers and their Small Business in the Fitness Industry by offering a range of Professional Services and Management Packages.

Personal Trainers love the technicality of training and achieving maximal results for their clients, however many find themselves overwhelmed when trying to keep their Business in shape, which if not managed correctly can affect the longevity of their Career as a Personal Trainer.

- PT Career Consulting & Management
PT Career Consultants assist our Personal Trainers with Creating a detailed Career Plan and implementing their "Plan Of Attack" for entering the Fitness Industry. By Screening the PT they get a insight of the Individuals Strengths & Weakness's so they can assist them in the right direction for improvement and support.

- Personal Accountant
Every Personal Trainer needs a Great Accountant and that is why we provide you with an Experienced and Professional Accountant that will look after you with all those questions involving Tax, Book Keeping and How to keep your Business afloat while running your Personal Training Business.

- JobSeeker Support
Receive support and tips while we help you search for a job in the Fitness Industry.
We also have a Job Posting Page where you can apply for Jobs directly and be notified when new jobs are posted. Also let our Recruitment team assist you if you are seeking to join a certain industry or gym like Crossfit gyms, 24/7 gyms, PT Studios and Strength and Conditioning jobs.

- Employer's Recruitment
We provide Recruitment options for Established Fitness Gyms who are looking for Personal Trainers.
By the information gathered we filter through our Database of PT's to recommend Exceptional Personal Trainers suitable for their Gym.

- Business Tools & Advice
We have a range of Business Tools our Personal Trainers can use to assist them and their Business. We also work with other like minded business who provide personal training industry designed courses and workshops so they can grow to be the best in the industry.

- Membership Discounts
As a member you will receive Discounts on supplements, short & long term educational courses, PT seminars and workshops, cec's, fitness training apparel, allied health professionals with our partners who share our vision

- Apprenticeships for Personal Trainers
Join the Fitness Industry under the guidance from our experienced Personal Trainers who have a proven record of running there own Successful Personal Training Business. Also available options for Experienced Personal Trainers to take the next step in their Career and teaching new PT's entering the Fitness industry.

- Support Team throughout your Career
Having a support team assisting you with the Management of your Business throughout your Personal Training Career is vital when turning your Passion into a Career the correct way from the start.
Through achieving your short term and long term Career Goals we are always here to help anyway possible through the amazing journey of your Personal Training Career, under the right guidance you stress less so you can do what you do best and we take care of the rest.

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PT Career Management

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