WUJS Congress 2016

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“The most important Jewish student event of the year is right around the corner! Register for #WUJSCong16 NOW! http://thndr.it/1KhNzn6

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WUJS Congress is the Annual General Meeting of the Jewish student movement. The leaders of Jewish student organisations, representing communities from all over the world will join together to set the agenda for the coming year, coordinate their activities and receive awesome training. In December 2016, hundreds will gather in order to connect with their peers, strengthen ties between their different student associations and to learn about Israel and the Jewish people.

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Yos Tarshish

Hi, I'm Yos, the WUJS Projects Director! I grew up in London, UK where I was active member of the Jewish community from a young age. I was Chair of the Manchester Metropolitan University Jewish Society for 2011 and served as President of the Union of Jewish Students of the UK & Ireland (UJS) for the 2013-14 academic year. In July 2014 I made aliyah and started working at WUJS. I'm so, so excited to see you all at Congress this year so let's make it a big one!!!

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