Indian's Mission to Antarctica

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“Show the world that India can #DreamBig Lets support Indian's mission to summit the highest mountain of Antarctica! http://thndr.me/g9bYDs

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Indian's Mission to Antarctica

My Story: 

I am Prasanth, a graduate from IIT Madras and an entrepreneur. My start up is currently incubated at IIT Madras Research Park. More than this I am an Indian mountaineer, scuba diver, wildlife enthusiast and an aspiring writer.

My mission:                      

With my heart burning passion towards mountaineering, I am on a mission to climb the highest peaks of all seven continents and win on behalf of India. I have already summited Mt. Kilimanjaro of Africa in 2013.

Between December 2015 and January 2016, I am going to climb Mt. Vinson Massif of Antarctica and become the youngest Indian man to have achieved this feat.

Antarctica is one of the last truly wild places on Earth with temperatures as low as -40°C which makes this the coldest expedition of all the seven summits.

By reaching the summit of Antarctica,

  • I want to win on behalf of India.

  • I want to promote mountaineering as a sport in India.

  • I want to inspire every Indian to dream big and conquer every obstacle that’s thrown their way.

My Life's  mission is to build technology to reach Mars and climb the highest mountain of the Solar system (Olympus Mons).

I need your support to spread this message to one million people in India, promote Indian Mountaineering and prove that India can dream big!!! 


  1. At the top of the page support via Twitter, Facebook, or both, and get the word out to your friends and followers to do the same.

  2. On December 31st , forget all your fears, embarrassments, failures and proudly tell the world about your dream by sharing a message on your social media with a hash tag #DreamBig and never give up on it.

  3. Watch as everyone's messages are simultaneously shared around the world.

  4. Follow me on Facebook and twitter and get updates as I win for India and plant India's flag at the summit of Antarctica's highest mountain, Vinson Massif.
Find out more ways to support ( website coming soon! ).
For more info send me an email: prasanth7summits@gmail.com

  • Checkout my Indiegogo Campaign page.

    December 11, 2015
    Hello all,
    I just launched my Indiegogo campaign for this expedition.
    Check out http://bit.ly/1YWmoYw
    If you like my upcoming book or any other perks, buy them.
    It will cover my expedition costs.
    Thank you for your support.

Sai Prasanth Kln

I am an Indian entrepreneur, mountaineer, scuba diver and an aspiring writer.

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