Astral Traveler launch

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“#Indiegame runner racer #astraltraveler blazes on to #steamnewrelease today! http://store.steampowered.com/app/618630/Astral_Traveler/ #gamersunite http://thndr.me/TKTw6H

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Astral Traveler launch

I'm proud to finally be able to launch Astral Traveler after so many delays. I hope you will enjoy all the excitement this runner racer has to offer! Be sure to check out http://astraltravelergame.com/ for all the details about the game!


  • Lightning fast arcade racing action
  • Master precise platforming and snake through various obstacles
  • Shoot down armies of enemy raiders
  • Phase through energy barriers and speed boost through pulsars
  • Conquer 47 sectors across 5 different nebulas
  • Dominate your friends on the leaderboards
  • Affordable 5$ price tag.
This is my second game, after the JRPG Arelite Core, which you can find at http://arelitecore.com/

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Kevin Giguere

I am a full time indie game developer and streamer, currently working on Astral Traveler as my second commercial game.

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