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The #WindOfChange

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“Please share: Stand TOGETHER for social justice environmental justice & indigenous rights to bring the #WindOfChange

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This campaign ended on December 03, 2017 at 8PM

The Story:
is the study of the origin, development, structure and functioning of human society.
Human society simply CANNOT survive WITHOUT the rest of the community of life on earth.

It is, therefore, ironic that human society has, within a matter of decades caused the sixth mass extinction event in earth's 4.5 billion year history. The same corporate and political powers, working within heavily flawed economic systems, that have created so much social injustice in the world, have also devastated the rich variety of life on earth that provides human health and well-being

At the same time these misguided leaders of the corporate and political world have failed to protect the rights and pool of ancient knowledge that lie within earth's indigenous peoples. The scientists, that offer unbiased, evidence-based advice and solutions to the crises of our time, have also been ignored. 

We can measure the progress of our society by looking at how we treat each other and the animals and other members of our community of life on earth. We can do MUCH BETTER than this and realise our full potential - TOGETHER in a society that CARES.

We only learn through our mistakes, and by rising TOGETHER now, YOUR COMBINED POWER can help guide society back on the right path through strong and just leadership that works FOR the people AND planet.

The call to action:
This is NOT a time for apathy, because YOU ALL have the POWER to create change. This is NOT a time to allow established powers to divide you, for you all stand TOGETHER on the same earth, as part of the same human society. TOGETHER, you can, peacefully, create positive change for the good of all.
On April 22nd, 1970 around 20 million people stood "together" for Earth Day, helping to write the environment into sociology study.

YOU CAN bring the #WindOfChange!:

1. Please support this thunderclap. It's free to join, using your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. By supporting, you will help get the campaign message out to many others. 

2. Ask others to support this thunderclap. A 20 million social reach will place it among the most successful thunderclap campaigns EVER, sending out a peaceful, but powerful message from a unified social justice, environmental justice and indigenous rights movement. Your support and teamwork can HELP to make that happen!

3. Use the power of your voice! Talk to family, friends and colleagues about the challenges of our time, and spread the word of hope that, TOGETHER, we can create positive change. Your passion and energy will mobilise others. Every passionate conversation will strengthen the movement. The Wind of Change blog will be operational from 3rd December 2017 to serve as a resource and catalyst for positive change.

4. Bring change through your daily lives: 

Avoid feeding those corporations that are destroying life on earth, and creating social injustice. 

Use YOUR vote to support passionate politicians that represent people and planet, rather than the privileged few. 

Support your local businesses and get involved in community actions that aim to bring social and environmental justice.

Share news on environmental and social issues, brought to you by media that is free from corporate interests. 

Bank with ethical companies that genuinely care about people and planet.

5. Support each others campaigns and stand TOGETHER across all areas of social and environmental action. It won’t be long before your combined strength forges further lasting change.

Life is a gift, so let's use it and protect it - Please stand TOGETHER and Support/share this thunderclap to HELP bring the #WindOfChange!.

Nichts zum Erzählen!



Once people receive the facts about the state of nature and planet earth, the vast majority do care and want to make a difference! Our job is to help inform and strengthen the environmental movement, so that more individuals and businesses use their awesome skills and power to become guardians of nature, protecting the health and well-being of their local communities. Business, community and nature - together for a better world!

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